Car Oil Matters: Conventional Car Oil or Synthetic Car Oil?

Here’s a fun question for you. How well do you know about the oil inside your car? The car oil that goes inside your vehicle not only ensures that it stays on the move. But also, the oil acts as an agent that keeps all the internal machinery in good shape and working condition. Of late, there is a raging debate ongoing about the type of motor oil that’s best for vehicles. There is a toss-up between regular oil and synthetic oil. Both the oil variants are popular, but synthetic oil is fast becoming a crowd favorite, especially in the UAE. We will tell you why. Furthermore, we will also shed light on the points of difference between conventional motor oil and synthetic motor oil.

The Basics

There are two types of motor oil available: regular and synthetic. Regular motor oil is considered the frugal counterpart of synthetic oil. The distinctions between the two start at the respective molecular makeup and go all the way to how the oil is produced and refined.

What is Regular Motor Oil?

Conventional motor oil is simply a quality that is a direct byproduct of crude. It has impurities by default, is sans additives, and possesses molecular abnormalities. As a result, even though conventional motor oil costs less, and succeeds in lubricating and empowering the car engine, it does so at a price – the oil starts to degrade faster. This invariably takes a toll on the engine’s performance and functions. Let’s just say, the technology of cars, and the promise made by synthetic oil is causing regular motor oils to lose their sheen.

What is Synthetic Motor Oil?

Synthetic oil is engineered with a combination of additives that enable it to lubricate vehicle engines, perform better, and last longer. Because of the many maneuvers, synthetic oil is made to undergo, it is equipped with attributes that help it to do its job under extreme temperatures – hot and cold. Synthetic car oil delivers better viscosity in winters and doesn’t break down quickly in sultry summer. Additionally, synthetic motor oil offers uniformity at the molecular level. It implies good news for car engines’ longevity, efficiency, and performance. Also, it is noteworthy that synthetic motor oils’ chemistry gets revised continuously; it is instilled with the latest technologies that provide long-term benefits, and fewer car oil change episodes.

Types Of Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is available in two variants.

  • Synthetic blend oil: It combines standard motor oils with synthetic base fluids. This type of synthetic oil promises increased engine performance and safety as opposed to the traits of regular motor oil.
  • Full synthetic oil: It is composed of a synthetic base stock blended with several additives that improve the oil’s performance. It is essential to note that the composition of all synthetics is not the same. Every synthetic mix constitutes a unique combination of high-performance chemicals and compounds that facilitates distinct protection and features.

Moving Away from Regular Motor Oil

With the reams of positive coverage synthetic motor oil continues to get, conventional oil users, are tempted to ask: is it alright if I opt for full synthetic motor oil for my vehicle? Of course, it is. The majority of the world’s best full synthetic motor oils are interchangeable with conventional oils, high mileage oils, synthetic mixes, and other full synthetic oils. It is not necessary to cleanse the engine.

We would also like to underline that you can switch loyalties from synthetic oil to conventional oil – should such an occasion ever arise. Still, if you have doubts and queries, you can contact Battmobile (800-78278), and our experienced and skilled team will guide you, and help you make the best choice.

All things taken into account, considering the advantages listed, synthetic motor oil appears to be the clear winner. Still, if you’re a passionate car owner who is old-school (in car oil matters), it is okay to continue your allegiance to regular motor oil. Regardless of which team you’re on, remember, Battmobile has got you covered for all kinds of oil change services and needs in the UAE. Not to forget, we provide onsite assistance too. Call or WhatsApp us on 800-78278 now!

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