Does the task of taking your vehicle for a car wash to the nearest car garage or service center seem daunting to you? If the answer is yes, we have good news. You need not crib and fret about car wash struggles because Carlo is here!

Introducing Carlo, Dubai’s newest mobile car wash service in Dubai. Whether you’re occupied at work or have errands to run at home, Carlo can take care of your car wash needs like never before.

Simply download the Carlo app, or call or WhatsApp on 800-CARLO (22756) and book your mobile car wash request. Punch in your vehicle information and address details, and a Carlo car wash specialist will be at your doorstep within 30 to 45 minutes.

In addition to punctual and professional service, Carlo’s mobile car wash in Dubai is a must-buy for a number of other reasons.

It is Good for Your Car

carlo car wash

Popular recommendation is that a car must be subjected to a professional wash once a month at least. This is not achievable for most car drivers – especially in Dubai – considering everyone’s living on a pre-determined schedule. As a result, car wash takes a back seat (pun intended). But, with Carlo’s mobile car wash in Dubai, you can think about your car’s well-being in a stress-free way.

It is Environment-Friendly

carlo car wash

Typically, excess usage of water is notoriously linked with car wash services. The practice has come under scrutiny for it harms the environment and causes water pollution and wastage. At Carlo, the team ensures that the mobile car wash is environment-friendly. As a result, we provide customers with a waterless car wash option.

Waterless Car Wash is a Boon

carlo car wash

Not just for the environment, a waterless car wash benefits your car significantly. Sprays with high wettability are used in a waterless car wash to clean and buff the outside of the vehicle. The car-friendly and lubricious chemical ingredients trap all sorts of dirt and filth – inside out. To remove dirt and debris from your car’s interior, the specialists at Carlo’s Car Wash will utilize a high-quality microfiber cloth. It is used to pick up grime because of its superior absorbency and gentleness. When used correctly, waterless car wash solutions are not only safe to use on painted surfaces, they are recommended.

It Saves Time

carlo car wash

We all know that regular car servicing and maintenance are essential. However, it is unfortunate that the car wash is seen as a negligible service. The main reason for this is that car drivers do not seem to have the time to take their vehicles to the garage and endure the process of waiting and washing. With Carlo’s mobile car wash service, there is minimal waiting and maximum convenience. As and when you book the car wash service, the professional will come to your location and wash your car effectively and tidily.

Easy Booking Process

carlo car wash

Bid goodbye to making phone calls to your nearest garage, hoping to get a slot on your preferred day and time. The disappointment that follows is inevitable. On the contrary, the motive of the Carlo app is to make car wash booking simple and convenient. Simply download the app on your phone, select your mobile car wash preferences, put in the date and time of service as you will, and relax! The backend team and Carlo’s tailormade CRM system will execute the next steps, and ensure that the car wash specialist reaches schedule.

Excellent Customer Support

carlo car wash

Carlo’s mobile car wash is worthy of recommendation also because the customer service is on point – pre-service and post-service. Whether you’d like to reschedule a service, cancel it, or upgrade it by adding another service – battery replacement, oil change, or tyre change, Carlo will do it.