Causes of Flat Spots And Bumps On Tyres

Car care and maintenance is a serious endeavor. Your car is a prized asset and therefore it deserves to be perfectly looked after. One of the main issues that car owners have to deal with is related to tires. If they start to malfunction, it is bad news. Without good quality tires, your vehicle will not be able to run on the road, and it is an ordeal no driver wants to experience ever. But because car tires have the closest contact with road surfaces, the latter is bound to suffer from wear and tear symptoms – such as flat spots and bumps. In this blog, we give you a rundown of the causes that result in flat spots and tires. Also, we will give you some tried and tested tricks to help your tires stay spotless and last long.

Why Tires Experience Wear & Tear

When the car is mobile, the tread on each of its tires continually rubs along the road surfaces. This is seen by the tires’ steadily decreasing tread depth. The fact that a tire degrades – usually slowly and consistently – is consequently unavoidable and even required. Amongst the most commonplace signs of tire wear and tires, it is flat spots and bumps that stand out.

What Exactly are Flat Spots?

By definition, a ‘flat spot’ is a poorly worn portion of a tire tread. Although this may not be noticeable initially, it may induce the driver to experience jerks, rattles, or shocks while driving. A flat spot on a vehicle tire can create several major issues, including making your automobile hazardous to operate.

Here are a few prominent characteristics to watch out for if you detect a flat spot on your tire(s):

  • Tires appear thinned out (flattening) a consequence that occurs when the car is parked idly for long periods of time.
  • Appearance of bald patches on tires; no tread can be seen in the affected areas.
  • Just after setting off, vibrations are felt on the tires.

How To Get Rid of Flat Spots?

If your tires are showing flat spots, you don’t need to run pillar to post in search of professional help. In most cases, the problem can be resolved with some DIY (Do-It-Yourself). You can just ride on the flat sections. Take your vehicle for a short ride and your tires will become warmer and more pliable as you drive. Typically, this activity should cause your tires to re-assume their normal form and appearance within 15 minutes.

Also, be informed that flat patches might become permanent in some circumstances. For example, if a large vehicle stands stationary on a firm surface for a lengthy period of time (many months), the flat spots may pose a greater problem, and you may require professional assistance (Battmobile).

Tire rotation and replacement are the go-to services to help your tires regain their tread life and vigor. At Battmobile, we provide excellent tire replacement and rotation (onsite and remote).

Are You Seeing Bumps on Your Tires?

Tires develop external bulges (bumps) as a result of an impact break. This occurs when the tires come in contact with uneven road surfaces, speed bumps, or high-speed driving. When this happens, the tires’ outer casing suffers significant damage. Consequently, an outward bulge will emerge on the sidewall of the tire(s), and the cords within the tire casing will be in disarray.

How To Fix Bumps on Your Tires?

It is recommended that you seek a professional car mechanic’s guidance and help. The best solution is to sign up for tire replacement at the earliest. Should you decide to neglect your tires’ bumps, be cautious because your car’s performance and safety (and yours) will be at risk.

Tires of all Brands are Prone to Flat Spots And Bumps

As stated before, flat spots and bumps are part and parcel of a tire’s lifespan. Regardless of the brand you may be using – it could be Bridgestone or Dunlop – if your car runs a lot (or not), the tires will tell a tale. Therefore, investing in tires’ care and maintenance at regular intervals is a must.

Contact Battmobile for All Your Car Tire Woes

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