Reasons Why Your Oil Light Turns On And How To Fix

Your vehicle has its own mechanisms to inform you that you need to take it for car servicing in Dubai, and the oil warning light is one of the important informers. In this edition, we’ll explain what the different oil warning lights represent and what to do if they come on.


Both the oil pressure light and the oil level light may be referred to simply as the oil light. Newer cars have two different warning lights to track oil pressure and oil level. Sometimes, just one light is present.
Let’s check out the meaning of each signal:

A. Warning Light for Low Oil

engine light is yellow. If your vehicle’s oil level indicator light comes on, it implies it’s time to get some more motor oil. It may also indicate that it’s time to get an oil change for your car.

B. The Oil Pressure Detection Lamp

A red light depicting an old oil can is the universal symbol for an oil pressure warning light. The phrase “Low Oil Pressure” may appear on your dashboard. The oil pressure warning light illuminates when the engine’s oil pressure is either low or too high (though the latter situation is uncommon).


An oil change warning or a major oil leak are just two of the many potential reasons for an on-board oil pressure indicator light to come on

  • one of the most common issues that can cause an oil pressure indicator light to illuminate is low oil levels.You see, as the oil level starts to decrease, it sets off a chain reaction that can have detrimental effects on our vehicle’s performance. Oil pressure plays a vital role in keeping our engines running smoothly. It ensures that all the moving parts inside the engine are properly lubricated, reducing friction and preventing excessive wear and tear.
  • Your oil pressure warning light may come on if your engine oil is severely polluted, filthy, or deteriorated. As it circulates through a car’s engine, engine oil becomes contaminated with dirt and tiny metal particles. Low oil pressure may be caused by filthy oil that either clogs the oil system or changes the viscosity of the oil.
  • There may be a leak in the oil system if the oil pressure warning light persists after routine car servicing in Dubai has been performed. A burning odor or smoke coming from the engine are both signs of an oil leak, which may occur either within or outside the vehicle.
  • Seeing oil leaking or pooling beneath your car is a sure sign of an external oil leak. Leaks from the interior of the engine block can only be found by opening the engine itself. Debris and sludge from the engine might build up in the oil pan, restrict oil flow, and eventually clog the oil filter.

When the oil pressure warning light comes on because of worn engine components, the check engine light will also come on. In addition, you’ll become aware of the following problems while you drive:

  • Engine knocks
  • Reduced engine performance
  • False start
  • Motor has a rough idle
  • Weird odors coming from the motor.
  • No power to the engine at all.


Let’s say you’re driving along and suddenly the oil light turns on. There are various things you may take to prevent it from becoming a major disaster:

  • Turn on your hazard lights, find a safe parking spot, and pull over gradually to reduce engine strain.
  • The car must be turned off and the keys removed from the ignition.
  • First, the engine has to cool down before you can lift the hood and check the oil using a dipstick (more on that later).
  • Get in touch with your mechanic or arrange for a tow while you wait for the engine to cool down.
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