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Have difficulty manoeuvring especially at low speeds or oily shock absorbers? Immediately bring your car to Battmobile for a steering and suspension inspection.
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                  How do you know?

                  A malfunctioning steering is a threat to your life.

                  The first sign your car requires steering and suspension repair is when it moves unevenly when you are driving on the road. Don’t delay, and call or WhatsApp 800 78278 for repair.

                  how you know
                  Bouncing After Hitting Bumps
                  Drifting Or Pulling to One Side
                  Uneven Sides of The Car
                  Difficulty In Steering
                  Unusually Bumpy Rides

                  Steering & Suspension Repairs in UAE

                  A bad suspension can thwart your vehicle’s movement on the road, and also affect the steering box in your vehicle. Steer clear of such trouble – call Battmobile at 800 78278, and let us send assistance right away!

                  We provide steering box repair and car suspension repair services in Dubai and across the UAE.

                  Safety First: Get Steering & Suspension Repairs in UAE – 24/7

                  It is very important to get your steering and suspension serviced regularly. It helps in the safety of the driver and saves you from major repair costs. It prevents significant repairs. Extended steering and suspension issues may lead to car safety threats in the future.

                  Choose Battmobile UAE because:

                  • We always strive towards providing customers simple and hassle-free repair experience 
                  • Our technicians convey to customers all details about the problems identified during vehicle diagnosis 
                  • We provide 100% genuine products (with warranty) at affordable prices
                  • We provide free car pickup and delivery all across Dubai so you can focus on your work, groceries, or a day out with family.

                  Trusted Steering & Suspension Services in Dubai

                  If your vehicle suffering any form of bumpiness, wrong wheel alignment, car drifting to one side (right/left), or stiffness is absent when driving, it is time to call us at 800 78278. Book assistance for steering box repair and car suspension repair services. We have a team of experienced technicians that will visit you at your given location, run a comprehensive diagnostic on the vehicle, and tow it to our service center, Al Quoz, Dubai.

                  There is a potential that the steering alignment has been compromised. Fast driving, poor maintenance, a collision, or even weather-related stiffness can all cause damage.

                  Signs your vehicle needs urgent attention include:

                  • Moving the steering wheel is troublesome
                  • Difficulty in maneuvering the vehicle on uneven roads
                  • Steering vibration while braking
                  • Tires vibrate or wander

                  We have a dedicated team of professional technicians that are qualified and have years of experience in providing car suspension and steering box repair in

                  To ensure that your steering and shock absorbers are functioning properly, our technician will examine all of your steering and suspension parts. The inspection process includes:

                  • Power steering fluid
                  • Wear and tear and unevenness of the tires
                  • Loose or used power steering belts
                  • Steering Wheel Alignment

                  Tires and Wheel Alignment

                  Driving a car with even a slight bit of fault in the suspension is extremely dangerous. The suspension works as your vehicle’s adhesion to the road and as resistance to centrifugal forces while turning and braking.

                  Be on the lookout for the following bad suspension symptoms:


                  • Your ride is unusually bumpy and rough
                  • When you brake, the car leans towards one side completely 
                  • The vehicle gets constant pull or drifts, especially around the turns which is an indicator that your shock absorbers have gone bad

                  If you notice any trouble with your car’s driving performance, the first thing you should do is check your tire's pressure and tread wear. Your suspension is designed to work with four correctly-inflated tires, ideally of the same age and tread life.

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                  ServicesSteering & Suspension Repair
                  Based on 5236 reviews
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                  Christophe HUBERTChristophe HUBERT
                  19:10 07 May 22
                  Had a great experience!Went for shopping and was under impression my battery was dead while i was leaving the mall. I called Battmobile, they came in a short time and identified the issue was coming from the gearbox. In less than 3 hours (over the night!) they managed to get a team (electrician and mechanic) to fix on-site the issue. The reactivity, quality of work and commitment are at the highest level. Thanks a million!
                  mohammed saeedmohammed saeed
                  09:44 07 May 22
                  I got a new battery for my Nissan Patrol Y61.. in November 2021 in March 2022 its dead and replaced and than after 6 weeks my second battery is dead and needs replacementAre they selling good quality batteries???Does our life be limited to Battery charges ??One should replace a battery and never be bothered
                  Carl De villiersCarl De villiers
                  05:54 06 May 22
                  Love these guys. Have Iqbal on what's app and even before 7am if I message him he gets back to me immediately with great service and within 30 minutes I have a new battery at a my location. Great price and my car running asap. Highly recommended and very convenient 😉
                  prabeesh kpprabeesh kp
                  17:29 29 Apr 22
                  I Really had a bad experience with these guys on the battery replacement, the call center guy promised me a price for the new battery including VAT by taking my old battery as scrap.But the communication towards technician was different amount. Its not about the extra delta i paid, its about the support team not communicating well with the ground staff & getting into bad customer trust & experience. I don't know how they are rated so well on GoogleThe technician took time & did a decent job. The 2star is for him.
                  Rock RajRock Raj
                  20:45 24 Feb 22
                  Fantastic service, got my dead battery replaced with a new one within 5 minutes. Albert was the technician and he was so helpful, advised on what to do and not to and was so charming even when I called him in the middle of the night. Kudos to the team, highly recommended.
                  Brian HallBrian Hall
                  06:32 16 Feb 22
                  Had a great experience. Left work to find my battery was dead. Jibran had me back on the road in barely more than a half-hour. He was knowledgeable and it took him only about five minutes to put the new battery in and take away the old one. Completely painless and easy solution.
                  ravi shahravi shah
                  10:03 08 Dec 21
                  Very good experience for service of the car.Great experience specifically with Mr. Adeel (General Manager) who got personally involved to look in to my request and addressed the same in a very professional way.I recommend their services to everyone.
                  Shahbaz ZubairShahbaz Zubair
                  09:53 09 Oct 21
                  Update:The service went down from five star to one star. The service representative was rude and failed to replace the battery which was causing the issue. The battery was still under warranty.First Experience:By far the best battery replacement service I tried. I contacted via WhatsApp, and their response time was super quick. Even this was at the time of the COVID-19 crisis. I had specific instructions regarding what battery I wanted. They carefully noted it down and handed it over to the technician.The technician Iqbal, did a fantastic service. He cross-checked everything to made sure it was the battery's fault. To change the battery, he made sure the power is there in the car so that all the memory functions won't get erased.Overall a dependable 5star customer service. Good teamwork by the guys. Highly recommended.
                  Sahim FaizeeSahim Faizee
                  03:49 04 Apr 21
                  Fantastic service. (Battery/Oil Change and Tyre replacement).Thoroughly professional with precise size battery installed for all my cars.Dealing with them was a pleasure and i would highly recommend them for all services offered.The 2 owners are very down to earth individuals - and have made customer service their number one priority which was a breath of fresh air in this market.Good luck to Battmobile.