Signs When It’s Time for A New Car Battery

Batteries are the lifeblood of your vehicle, it’s critical to understand how to take care of them. You do not want to find yourself stranded after starting your automobile only to discover that the battery is stuck. Always keep an eye out for warning signs; in this post, we’ll explain what they are so you’ll never find yourself stuck with a dead battery again.

Here are six indications that potentially mean that your car battery may be troublesome:

  • The Engine Starts Slowly: A puddle of acid is sandwiched between numerous parallel metal plates that make up batteries. The battery loses its power when the metal plates corrode and the pool of acid evaporates. The battery gradually deteriorates with each start until it finally fails.
  • Flickering Dashboard Lights: What if the car warned you that the battery was running low? Indeed, it does. When a problem with the battery is detected, the dashboard light next to the speedometer lights. Take your automobile to the service centre as soon as you notice the light shining so a specialist may examine it.
  • Old Battery: Despite the fact that it should go without saying, if your automobile battery has been in use for longer than three years, it may need to be replaced. Car batteries are not exempt from the ageing process that affects all auto parts. Car batteries degrade over time as a result of frequent charging, harsh weather, and discharge cycles.Look for a round sticker with the month and year on the battery; this sticker will tell you when the battery was most recently changed. If it has been more than three to four years since its last replacement, it may be time to buy a new battery.
  • Heavy Corrosion: How recently did you replace your battery? If it’s been a while and your engine has been acting slow, it could be a good idea for you to open the hood and give it a closer look. Open the bonnet and look for the battery. Once you’ve located it, search the area around the connection between the battery terminals and the wires for white to greenish filth. Another indication of corrosion is the smell of electrolyte coming from the top of the battery.Cleaning the corroded battery is an option, but it is only a temporary cure. If the battery has already begun to corrode, it could result in other problems like frayed cables and leaks that could compound into more serious and expensive concerns.Hence, it’s crucial to purchase a new battery as soon as you notice these signs.
  • Unpleasant, Sulphurous Odor: A healthy, fully operating car battery will never leak any gas or liquids. But if yours does, the odour will ultimately get to you. Overcharged or damaged batteries frequently release toxic hydrogen sulphide. The smell of hydrogen sulphide gas is similar to that of rotten eggs, sewage gas, or well water. The release of hydrogen sulphide gas, a sign of a leaky battery, is a significant indicator that your battery is soon to die.
  • Faulty car battery: If your automobile battery is not rectangular, it is the most clear evidence that it needs to be replaced. Even a brand-new automobile battery can suffer damage from extreme temperatures, both on the colder and hotter side. Years of use, however, might potentially result in deformity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Do I Do with My Old Battery?

Ans. The old, dead battery will be eagerly accepted for recycling by your neighbourhood car parts store or technician. Free of charge.

Q2. How Can You Prevent Battery Problems?

Ans. You can extend the life of your battery by taking simple preventive measures like scheduling routine maintenance inspections that include battery voltage checks, always turning off all lights and electrical devices after driving, unplugging chargers, and scheduling your drives to avoid unnecessary short trips or extreme temperatures.

Q3. Can I Replace My Car Battery by Myself?

Ans. Most automotive batteries can be changed with minimal fuss. Keep in mind that a car battery might weigh anything from 29 to 50 lbs. Therefore, it is best to have someone with the technical know-how in case you require assistance if you plan to replace it yourself. Prior to replacing the battery, always take measures and follow the owner’s manual’s specific maintenance instructions.

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