Understanding Your Car’s Emergency Lights

Typically, a vehicle is installed with different indicators that communicate with drivers and passengers about its well-being and performance. The important factor to remember is to be watchful, and listen to your car when it’s trying to tell you its troubles. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by paying attention to your car’s emergency (or warning) lights. Owing to the road risks involved, cars are outfitted with a variety of simple and high-tech safety features such as emergency lights.This blog aims to inform you about the job description of emergency lights, and what each one signifies.

What Do Emergency Lights Do?

Emergency lights start doing their job as soon as you open the door, and step inside. They glow momentarily as your car’s internal and external systems begin to work in tandem. Sometimes though, one light will remain illuminated, signaling an issue. Make sure it is not one of the emergency lights that are alight. Also, be cautious, and ensure that they are operational, else you might miss getting notified about a potential problem (or more) in your car. Worse, if you don’t grasp what a warning light indicates or decide to neglect it, a little problem may quickly escalate into a major, costly, and perhaps hazardous one. Even the most knowledgeable car owner may have difficulty comprehending the message sent by a warning light.

Different Types of Emergency Lights in Your Car

By design, most vehicle emergency light indicators are common for all makes and models, however, their placement on or near the dashboard might differ. Let us walk you through the most conventional and vital emergency lights you will see and use in your vehicle.

  • 1. Check Engine Light: This warning light invites the most dread in car owners. If it flashes, you must have your car evaluated, and if it appears to be perfectly good to ride. Although infamous, the check engine light informs you of potential engine hazards, which you should avoid at all costs. With that said, you must also bear in mind that this warning light is multi-purpose. It can come alive for a variety of reasons such as a malfunctioning sensor or a trivial issue. Bottom line, whenever the check engine light acts up, you must seek professional assistance (from Battmobile) at the earliest.
  • 2. Battery Charge Light: The battery indicator is simple to understand since it resembles the component that requires care. Ignoring the flashing battery light is strongly discouraged. Purely because a bad battery can force headlights to malfunction, and sans the battery or charging system delivering energy, mechanical components such as the power steering, brake pads, or the engine itself might cease to function. If your car needs battery replacement, get it done without further ado. And, might we also add that Battmobile is the best for this assignment?
  • 3. Temperature Warning Light: This emergency light that essentially resembles a thermometer afloat in the sea, notifies you when your vehicle’s engine is hotter than required. The excessive heat may have befallen the engine because of various reasons including a faulty water pump, fluctuation in the radiator coolant levels, or a leakage in the coolant hose. These seemingly minor flaws shouldn’t be overlooked else your engine may suffer setbacks that will threaten your vehicle’s functions. And worst, the repairing costs will cast a hole in your pocket. To keep such hassles at bay, we recommend you contact Battmobile, and request a vehicle checkup.
  • 4. Tyre-Pressure Sensor Warning Light: The Tyre-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) continuously checks the quantity of air in the tires. The warning light will start to flicker if it identifies a decline in air pressure. Driving your vehicle with low tire pressure can hamper the vehicle’s performance; the braking and handling can become impaired, and the lack of control can result in awry driving thereby increasing the risk of a road mishap. To avoid such situations, it is ideal to book Battmobile’s tire replacement, balancing, and alignment services.
  • 5.Oil Pressure Warning Light: If this emergency light is shining at you, it means it’s time for oil replacement. Also, this light can allude to other issues such as a bad oil pump, an engine defect, or a blown piston ring. Regardless of what the root cause may be, if this emergency light is persistently on, contact Battmobile for oil replacement and maintenance services immediately.

Other Emergency Lights You should Know

  • Brake system
  • Traction control, stability control
  • Airbag warning
  • Washer fluid, door open, low fuel

Should you find yourself stuck in any kind of car-related trouble, and need timely assistance, anywhere in the UAE, don’t wait for an emergency light to strike. Call/WhatsApp us 800 78278, and we will be there!

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