What Are the Top 5 Signs You Have Transmission Problems?

Transmissions are complex systems that are critical to the health and performance of your vehicle. Its maintenance and servicing are a must. The question is how and when do you know that your transmission is the one at fault? With this blog, we aim to tell you about the 5 signs that indicate that your car’s transmission is playing spoilsport.

“Check Engine” Light

Trust your “Check Engine” light to pop up and make the first noise whenever there’s a fault in your car. In case of a transmission defect, the “Check Engine” light is likely to be your first informer. Alternatively, many modern-day vehicles have pre-installed smart systems that trigger a warning message to get displayed on the car’s dashboard or your smartphone.

Fluid Leakage

Unlike motor oil, which thins and depletes with usage, the lubricating fluid level in your transmission should remain constant. The lubricant level can be checked using a dipstick (again, see the car’s manual for specific instructions). The fluid is undoubtedly leaking if you see any beneath your vehicle, and it’s usually a vivid shade of red and doesn’t resemble oil. Also, bear in mind that leakages may be caused by some different things, such as old gaskets and seals, broken bell housings, a faulty gearbox pan, an imbalanced drive shaft, worn axles, and so on.

Burning Odour

If your vehicle is exuding an unordinary – similar to a burning smell – it is bad news. The burning smell at times, is a by-product of overheated transmission fluid. Therefore, it is important to keep evaluating the quality of the lubricant. As it is, depending on your car’s mileage and your driving habits, the transmission fluid will suffer consequences causing dangerous friction to build up. Wear and tear on parts, dirt build-up, and even sludge may result from too much friction. Finally, the accumulation of these problems causes a catastrophic breakdown of the transmission system which will ultimately lead to transmission repair. In some cases, the low levels of the transmission fluid can be the culprit. Burning odors may also be caused by stuck plastic, leaky coolant, or a molten heater core. No matter what the reason, you must always get a foul smell examined by a car servicing specialist

Slowed Responsiveness

When the transmission is in good working order, the gear changes smoothly. Transmission problems are common causes of a hesitant or unresponsive vehicle. Lack of shift capability might be caused by electrical, hydraulic, or mechanical factors. It may take a while for the gear to fully engage when moving from drive to park, particularly in automatic transmission cars. Sometimes the absence of reaction manifests itself as a mismatch between the engine’s roaring and the velocity of a manual transmission car. In this situation, the vehicle’s predicted acceleration seems to be far less than what the engine noise would suggest.

Unusual Sounds

A “grinding” noise from a manual transmission might signal a transmission problem. If you have poor technique, you might be the one who initiates the grinding when shifting, and the damage could build up over time. When the car is already in gear and you hear grinding sounds, your clutch is most likely worn out. If you suddenly begin to hear whining, buzzing, or clunking sounds beneath your car that you have never heard before, you may have transmission issues. Although the problem may be minor, it might be a sign of something more serious.
An automatic transmission fluid’s role is significantly more thorough since it must lubricate a remarkable amount of mechanical gears and components. The fluid loses its defensive characteristics over time and is no longer able to minimize friction. If you hear clunking sounds and believe they are coming from the transmission, you may already be suffering an internal component breakdown. If this is the case, you should have an automatic transmission specialist examine it as soon as possible.
As the adage goes, small things are capable of starting big problems. If your car’s mechanical components are troublesome, do not neglect them. Instead, get them checked and repaired (or replaced) at the earliest. Pay attention to your car’s transmission system’s behavior, and if any of the abovementioned symptoms appear, seek professional help. Give us a call at , or bring your car to our service center in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our skilled team specializes in cleaning transmission fluids, replacing filters, and changing damaged seals.
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