What is a Maintenance Free Battery?

If one lacks familiarity with conventional lead-acid car batteries, it may come as a surprise to discover that they require periodic maintenance in order to retain a charge efficiently. Insufficient maintenance of batteries may lead to rapid discharge and a diminished ability to retain their specified capacity. This phenomenon occurs with notable frequency in car batteries. Conversely, the market now offers maintenance-free batteries as a means to reduce the required effort for ensuring the optimal functioning and longevity of the battery. So, the next time, you want to get your hands on a car battery that lasts, dial 800-78278 and ask for a maintenance free battery for your vehicle. We have a wide range of 100 percent original car batteries of all the leading brands.

Meanwhile, let us educate you about maintenance free batteries so you can opt for them when you take your vehicle to the garage for battery replacement in Dubai. The following information is essential for your understanding.

In recent times, maintenance-free batteries have been produced in response to market demand for batteries that do not need regular topping up, in addition to the conventional “wet” batteries. These batteries are often referred to be entirely maintenance-free. These batteries are sometimes referred to as VRLA, which stands for “Valve Regulated Lead Acid” batteries.

The category of batteries that need no maintenance encompasses two types: those that use a gel form of acid (referred to as Gel batteries) and those that utilize glass fibre mats (known as AGM batteries, which stands for Absorbent Glass Mat).

What distinguishes GEL (Gelled Electrolyte) batteries from AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries?

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries use separators composed of a porous glass fiber mat, which is compressed between the planar battery plates. The glass fibre mat contains the electrolyte. The first development of AGM batteries took place in Japan throughout the 1980s, primarily for use in the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) industry. Development has persisted, resulting in the emergence of AGM batteries tailored for the cyclical battery industry.

GEL batteries use conventional separators, with the addition of a silicate compound to the acid solution during the first filling process, resulting in the transformation of the acid into a gel-like substance. Gel batteries have been in existence since the 1950s and have since gained a favorable reputation for their maintenance-free characteristics.

What Makes a Maintenance Free Battery Stand Out?

  • Maintenance-free batteries need not be replenished, so they lack filler caps on the upper surface. The filler cap is replaced with a typically closed over-pressure valve. The recombination of any gaseous substance occurs inside the cell, resulting in the formation of water. In this manner, there is consistently a enough amount of electrolyte present inside the battery. High-quality batteries that need no maintenance provide the distinct benefit of being backed by a lifetime warranty. The user consistently ensures the completion of maintenance tasks. Maintenance-free batteries need charging using a charger specifically designed for this battery kind.
  • The primary method of maintenance necessary for lead-acid batteries is the replacement of electrolyte fluid that is gradually depleted. As the fluid undergoes evaporation or self-purging inside the battery, the individual cells of the battery experience desiccation and subsequent cessation of operation. Although this procedure is quite straightforward, it may seem intimidating to someone without familiarity with disassembling batteries. The most recent maintenance-free systems are fully enclosed. The aforementioned mechanism enables the electrolyte liquid to maintain its position, even during phase transitions, hence preventing any leakage or loss of fluid from the battery. After the battery through a cooling process, the electrolyte undergoes a condensation process and then returns to its respective cells.
  • Maintenance-free batteries are renowned for their use of specialized valves that are capable of releasing internal pressure in the event of overheating or excessive pressurization. The function of these valves is to prevent the battery from undergoing rupture, while simultaneously permitting the expansion of the electrolyte in its gaseous state. Furthermore, maintenance-free batteries allow the reintegration of condensed water into the system, where it may effectively blend with the other constituents of the electrolyte. Previous generations of batteries lacked an efficient mechanism for turning condensed water into a viable electrolyte. Contemporary batteries use a filler substance to secure the electrolyte, facilitating its efficient reabsorption.
  • Maintenance-free batteries are especially advantageous in situations where the addition of liquid to the battery would pose challenges or consume a significant amount of time. They possess significant use in the realm of medical equipment and backup power systems due to their capacity to endure prolonged periods of inactivity without succumbing to mechanical failure. The use of filler materials in these batteries renders maintenance-free sealed batteries very suitable for scenarios where the battery may experience tilting or sideways mounting, since they exhibit a leak-proof characteristic.

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