What is Included in an Oil Change?

It is a matter of fact that motor oil is one of the essentials that are responsible for its performance, sustenance, and overall endurance. The word of caution about keeping an eye on your car’s oil levels, viscosity, and quality holds because it is an important recommendation. Failure to do so may cause adversity in the form of the oil becoming old and polluted with debris. If this happens, your car may start performing poorly, experience overheating issues, and other major problems. To keep these red flags at bay, it is ideal to develop the habit of taking your car for an oil change at regular intervals. And who better than Battmobile to drive away your oil change woes, right? In this blog, we spell out the services you should expect/seek when you take your car for an oil replacement.

  • 1.Brake Fluid Level Top-Up: When you push down on your brake pedal, you force down on your brake fluid. Because lubricants are immiscible, the pressure is exerted on your brakes, causing your car to come to a complete stop. If your brake fluid is running low, you need to apply more pressure on the brakes, and it is never a good idea. When you sign up for Battmobile’s oil change service, our technician will inspect the responsiveness of your brakes and, if necessary, install extra brake fluid to guarantee a safer driving experience.
  • 2.Wiper Blade Inspection: These should be replaced every two years, or whenever you see them slipping or tearing across your windshield. Working wiper blades are a must for driving safety in all weather conditions, especially rainy, foggy, or dusty conditions.
  • 3.Windscreen Washer Fluid Top-Up: Your windshield helps you with visibility on the road. To ensure that your driving experience does not get disrupted due to lack of visibility assistance, it’s highly recommended that you get your windscreen washer fluid levels checked, and get a top-up if required.
  • 4.Air Filter Inspection: Feeding your engine some clean airflow will help save money on fuel for the following 15,000 miles (or until it gets too contaminated with dust and our residue). Air filters allow the engine to respire whilst safeguarding it from debris, pollutants, and other impurities. If you don’t check (and replace) your filter regularly, these contaminants can degrade your fuel efficiency and endanger the performance and safety of your vehicle.
  • 5.Battery inspection: The battery is the next leading component (after engine and oil) that helps a vehicle do its job. If your car battery has been acting cranky and troubling you during start-up, luckily our oil change service is inclusive of a battery inspection. Our technician will assess your battery meticulously and based on the findings, he will recommend to you whether or not you need a battery replacement. Might, we also perform onsite battery installations?
  • 6.Tire Pressure Inspection & Top Parking Brake Inspection: Perfectly inflated tires have the virtue of distributing weight uniformly over the rubber, which means they degrade slowly and require replacement less often. Another advantage is that they produce minimal drag, which improves your car’s average fuel efficiency. Our technician will check your tires’ pressure, and refill air into them, if necessary.
  • 7.Headlights & Brake inspection: Our oil service extends to checking whether your car’s headlights, taillights, brake, brake light, high beams, and indicators (back and front) are in good working condition.
  • 8.Steering Fluid Level Top-Up: In addition, our qualified and experienced technicians will assess your power steering fluid to see if it needs to be topped off. Steering fluid distributes strength to the hydraulic components in your car that allow you to move the steering wheel with ease.
  • 9.Coolant Level Top-Up: Keep your engine lubricated at all times, specifically during the summertime. The coolant circulates from the engine and via the radiator. If you put off replacing your engine oil for a prolonged period of time, likely, your coolant levels are probably low. To ensure they are up to the mark Battmobile technicians monitor your coolant levels and refill them accordingly.

As is evident, an oil service goes well beyond motor oil. It’s a simple yet comprehensive service that is a necessity that must be called for at regular intervals. Contact us on 800 78278 to book your oil service today!

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