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Genesis Battery Replacement Dubai

Battmobile offers range of Genesis car batteries in Dubai. The range includes OEM battery brands like varta and bosch specifically the AGM range required Genesis cars. Other premium brands like AC delco, Exide and Amaron are also available. Benefits of Battmobile‘s battery replacement service:
  • list Big 25 Sale - 25% off on batteries starting at AED 139
  • list 25 minutes turnaround time
  • list Battery warranty up to 24 months
  • list Free Diagnostics
  • list 24/7 customer support
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Wide range of services to choose from at your fingertips

Car Battery Replacement

  • list 24x7 Service & Warranty Claims
  • list 4.9 Rating With 9,200+ Google Reviews
  • list Installation At Your Location

    Car Oil Change Service

    • list Minor & Major Services
    • list 100% Genuine Oil & Filters Guarantee
    • list Car Service At Your Location

      Tyre Change Service

      • list All Major Brands & Models In Stock
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      • list Installation At Your Location

        Car AC Service & Repair

        • list 100% Genuine Parts Guarantee
        • list Experienced & Qualified Electricians
        • list Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

          Repair & Maintenance

          • list Qualified Car Technicians For All Car Brands
          • list 100% Genuine Parts & Repairs Warranty
          • list Mechanical, Electrical & Preventive Care

            Suspension Repair Service

            • list 100% Original OEM Parts
            • list 15+ Years Experienced Mechanics
            • list Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

              Brake Pads Change

              • list 100% Genuine Product Guarantee
              • list Seasoned & Experienced Mechanics
              • list Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

                Car Service Packages

                • list 4 Minor & 1 Major Services
                • list Premium Quality Parts
                • list Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

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                  Looking for reliable and reasonably priced auto repair and maintenance for your Genesis in the UAE? Now is the time to call or WhatsApp 800 78278

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                  Oil Change Service
                  Battery Replacement Service
                  Mechanical Repairs
                  Tyre Change Service
                  Electrical Repairs

                  Genesis Service Center in Dubai

                  Genesis Battery Replacement Services

                  Battery care and replacement are critical to the performance and longevity of your vehicle. With today’s high-tech devices and circuits installed by default in cars, the vehicle battery has never been more important. In recent times, there has been a rapid growth in the number of vehicles equipped with a battery that will not only make the vehicle irritable but may also cause other problems since it is in a terrible order of affairs. To avoid having your Genesis automobile suffer the same consequences, we strongly advise owners to call Battmobile for Genesis battery replacement. Call or WhatsApp us right now at 800 78278. Previously, when a battery died, you could usually tell because the vehicle wouldn’t start. You just changed it out, rebooted some of the features (radio, etc.), and the car was ready to go. However, we are already receiving calls from Genesis owners who are experiencing stalls, no-start troubles, and a constant blinking of the check-engine light. These are all signs of a faulty automobile battery. It’s an indication that you should get a Genesis battery replacement service as soon as possible. Because we sell a broad choice of 100 percent original vehicle battery manufacturers such as Amaron, Varta, Bosch, AGM and non-AGM, and many more, Battmobile is the UAE’s most known Genesis battery replacement expert in Dubai. We provide the most affordable Genesis battery price, and our battery quality meets specifications. Our mechanic will assess the condition of your present Genesis battery. To determine what’s up with the battery, he’ll run a diagnostic test. If a new battery is needed, the technician will remove the old one and replace it with a new, original, and warrantied battery. After the servicing, our expert will provide you a warranty card for the battery (valid for 12 to 18 months). Please contact us for assistance if the newly installed Genesis battery fails (while the guarantee is still in effect). Our specialist will visit to your home or business and replace the battery at no cost. If you want an offsite Genesis battery replacement, we can bring your vehicle to our fully-equipped repair facility in Al Quoz, Dubai. It’s a cutting-edge 8,000-square-foot facility where our team does all types of vehicle maintenance and servicing, such as auto diagnostics, oil changes, AC repair, tyre replacement, car wash, and so on.

                  Genesis Oil Change Services

                  Prudently replacing the oil and filter in the vehicle may help the engine run at optimal efficiency and save motorists money down the road. If you own a Genesis and are seeking for an all-in-one Genesis service provider in Dubai, Battmobile is the way to go. Call or text us at 800 78278 right now to schedule your Genesis oil change! We specialise in comprehensive Genesis maintenance in Dubai (and other Emirates), which includes replacing the oil, examining other vehicle fluids, inspecting and changing the oil filter, evaluating the engine’s characteristics, and testing it for leakage and potential deterioration. In addition, we do both onsite and remote oil changes. So, simply inform us from your house, business, or even a mall or restaurant parking lot, and we’ll send one of our certified professionals to your chosen location to change the oil. It is also important to note that our response time is only 30 to 45 minutes.

                  Genesis Minor Service

                  Our Genesis minor service is offered onsite and at our service centre, and it includes:
                  • 100% genuine oil change
                  • Oil filter replacement
                  • Air filter cleaning
                  • Battery and tyre inspection
                  • Vehicle health check

                  Genesis Major Service

                  Our Genesis major service (inclusive of minor service) includes:
                  • Spark plugs change
                  • Engine and suspension inspection
                  • Electrical and fuel system check Wheel balancing and tyre rotation
                  • Overall inspection of your car’s other vital functions and components

                  Genesis Tyre Repair Services

                  We will deploy one of our mobile mechanics to assess and replace your Genesis tyres. Our quick customer service is our specialty; we answer within 30 to 45 minutes.

                  We will get you Genesis tyres whether you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or another emirate. Tell us about your Genesis tyres over the phone or over WhatsApp, and we’ll find you the best-quality replacements and install them for you! Because of our extensive collection of tyres, including all worldwide brands, you can be confident that we will provide you with the appropriate Genesis tyre size for your car. Furthermore, the Genesis tyre price we give is both fair and dynamic.

                  In addition to tyre replacement, our other specialty services are:

                  • Battery replacement
                  • Oil Change
                  • AC Repair
                  • Suspension and Steering repair
                  • Tires and wheels balancing, alignment and rotation
                  • Car Diagnostics
                  • Car wash

                  Our highly equipped service centre in Al Quoz, Dubai, is built to handle all sorts of automotive repairs and services. We have over 40 technicians and automotive advisors on board to assist clients who love their cars dearly and only want the best for them!

                  Genesis Car Repair Services

                  Do you need Genesis repair in Dubai? Do you want a Genesis technician to come to your house or business in the UAE to repair your car? Good news: Battmobile offers comprehensive Genesis repairs at low prices and with great customer service (including post-installation). If you’re looking for “Genesis repair near me” possibilities on the internet, believe us when we state that Battmobile checks all the boxes. Please contact or WhatsApp 800 78278 for assistance. We provide a comprehensive range of vehicle services, including electrical and mechanical repairs, preventative maintenance like oil changes, spark plug replacement, and car inspections, and ad hoc services like tyre replacement, battery replacement, gearbox difficulties, radiator leak repair, and more. When you call us with a Genesis repair request, our customer service representative will gather your information (vehicle model and current location), and our technician will be deployed as soon as you confirm your order. If the car repairs are minor, he will do them on the spot. If this is not possible, the technician will tow your vehicle to our Al Quoz, Dubai, service centre. Our knowledgeable and skilled crew will repair your vehicle with care and return it to you as soon as possible.

                  Genesis Car Wash Services

                  Do you want to wash your Genesis car and want to contact a reliable and expert car wash service? Contact Battmobile by dialling 800 78278. We take pleasure in providing exceptional Genesis car wash service to automobile owners in the UAE. We have you covered whether you are in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or any other Emirate! Another significant advantage we provide is Genesis wash home service. You may call or WhatsApp us from the comfort of your own home, and we will dispatch a team of experienced car washers equipped with the most up-to-date car wash products and solutions to cleanse and spruce up your car right there!

                  Genesis Car Recovery Services

                  Have you ever run out of gas in the middle of a UAE road or highway? Is your vehicle inoperable and unable to be fixed on the spot? Is your vehicle failing to start? If you replied yes to any of these concerning questions, please contact Battmobile at 800 78278 We have a team of skilled recovery drivers who specialise in Genesis car recovery in Dubai and around the UAE. We take pride in having a competent team that strives to provide hassle-free service to stranded motorists. Our recovery team examines the situation and makes every effort to solve it on the spot. If the repair cannot be completed immediately, they will tow the vehicle to our service center in Dubai, where auto specialists will rapidly resolve the issue.

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