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Radiator Repair services

A leaking and rusty radiator can cause severe damage to your car engine. Bring it to us for a quick radiator repair and replacement. Call 800 78278 for an appointment..
radiator repair services

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                  How do you know?

                  Your car radiator can cause serious harm to the engine.

                  When you discover your vehicle overheating constantly, take it as a tell-tale sign for radiator repair. Do not ignore it or else your vehicle could land you in bigger trouble later on.

                  how you know
                  Overheating Engine
                  Coolant Leakage
                  Shifting Issues
                  Fluid Discoloration
                  Exterior Fins Blocked
                  Heater Not Functioning

                  Professional Car Radiator Repair Services in Dubai

                  Here’s a not-so-fun fact: Failure of the engine cooling/heating system is one of the leading causes of car breakdown around the world, especially in countries that have long and harsh summers.

                  If your car’s heating and cooling systems are behaving oddly, there is a high possibility that the car radiator may be out of order. No driver wants to discover a leaking radiator, right?

                  The car radiator of your vehicle is a vital component; it performs a major role in the heating and cooling system of your vehicle. A bad car radiator can trigger overheating of your vehicle, and that’s bad news you don’t want to experience, especially when you are on the road.

                  In case of any car radiator trouble, call Battmobile 800 78278 now, and we will provide you radiator repair service in Dubai, and other Emirates.

                  Service Center for Radiator Repair in Dubai

                  At our newly-opened and fully-decked service center in Al Quoz, Dubai, we provide all kinds of radiator servicing options – including repairs and replacements. Our regular service and maintenance systems help in keeping the cooling system of your vehicle in proper operation and prevent the engine from overheating. There are a lot of factors that damage the radiator. Therefore, you should service your vehicle and get your radiator checked and inspected on a regular basis. Especially if you drive in hot weather conditions you should take extra care of the radiator.

                  Car radiator repair is not as simple as it might seem to some people. Let our auto mechanics help you! Drop by our service center, or call us at 800 78278, and we promise to do a full diagnosis of your vehicle’s radiator, and off you an attractive radiator price, too!

                  Best Car Radiator Repair services in Dubai

                  The engine in your vehicle is the quintessential “whistle-blower” and reveals all that’s wrong in your vehicle. If the engine gets too cold, the catalytic converter may get damaged, and if too hot it may result in a cracked head gasket. This eventually leads to coolant and gas leakage from various parts of the vehicle. If this happens, it means your vehicle is due for radiator repair service.

                  If you want to steer clear of radiator woes in your vehicle, you should keep a watch on:

                  • Engine temperature
                  • Signs of rusting and leakage
                  • Irregular rises in the thermostat

                  Finding answers to the query “radiator repair near me” wouldn’t be required if you have a functioning and unproblematic car radiator in your vehicle. 

                  Having a fully operational radiator works in two ways. In summers it prevents the overheating of the vehicle and in winters it prevents it from getting too cold. Hence, the radiators are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Without a radiator and anti-freeze, your vehicle would overheat immensely. 

                  Maintaining proper coolant levels is essential as low levels can lead to overheating or corrosion on your radiator fins. Coolant flush should be done frequently. Keeping your radiator healthy is necessary for the functioning of your automobile.


                  None of us want to be that car stuck off the road with smoke pouring out from the hood. A properly developed and effective cooling system distributes coolant to minimize heat throughout your engine and is critical in prohibiting overheating. As part of the radiator tune-up service, we also offer radiator flushing service at our service center in Dubai.



                  • Puddles forming below the car
                  • Having to top off the coolant level at regular basis
                  • High coolant temperatures in slow traffic but return to normal in high speeds
                  • Hot water or sweetish odor emanating from the engine
                  • Actual steam coming from under the bonnet

                  Although radiator coolant is essential, it, like other fluids going through a system, can accumulate undesired pollutants and particles over time. Your radiator coolant can trigger radiator deterioration over time, resulting in corrosion, flaking, or other particles in your car's radiator or engine. This condition is solved with radiator flushing, which is essentially a blood transfusion for your coolant system. A flush includes pumping many gallons of solvent, water, and fresh antifreeze through the system to remove any old antifreeze and impurities that may have accumulated.

                  Complacency in car care is never a good practice. So, if you decide to turn a blind eye to your vehicle’s radiator, and its wear and tear, then be ready to face the music. A better alternative (and solution) is that you call us, and book our car radiator repair service for your vehicle. Our expert technicians are well-equipped and experienced and can assist you in keeping your radiator at its best performance.

                  Located in Al Quoz, our service center provides timely and affordable radiator repair in Dubai. You call us at 800 78278 for radiator price inquiries and book an appointment. Either you can bring your vehicle to our service center, or we can dispatch one of our technicians to tow your vehicle, and deliver it back to you, post-service

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                  Professional and polite team they have, technician Abid is very good and fast at work , thank you
                  Tariq Sahawneh
                  Tariq Sahawneh
                  18:28 26 Mar 23
                  Mateo Medina
                  Mateo Medina
                  12:52 25 Mar 23
                  Very good
                  Zeina Aziz
                  Zeina Aziz
                  15:11 24 Mar 23
                  Very professional and punctual, communication was clear and the whole issue of battery was resolved within minutes!! A big shout out to Jibran and his efficiency.
                  Dharmi Dhanak
                  Dharmi Dhanak
                  08:13 19 Mar 23
                  I was assisted by Syed Abdullah Rafey. He gave me and outstanding customer service. He was polite in handling all my queries and helped me out even when it was his day off. My whole experience was very convenient
                  Thanks Rafey for ensuing I have a great experience, being my first time with Battmobile !!
                  Moiz Netterwala
                  Moiz Netterwala
                  20:31 15 Mar 23
                  I had contacted another company and I was quite disappointed by their service. I happened to google and found Batfmobile. Abid Hussain was fast to come, quick in explaining the needs and replacing the battery. I was very very happy to have my car back hitting the road! Thank u!
                  Salvatore Ianniello
                  Salvatore Ianniello
                  19:07 15 Mar 23
                  Good experience
                  SURESH BABU
                  SURESH BABU
                  11:59 14 Mar 23
                  Excellent service. Customer support from Rafey was well organised and extremely detailed.
                  Ayaz Kapadwanjwala
                  Ayaz Kapadwanjwala
                  16:52 11 Mar 23
                  شكرا كثيرا اسعدني جدا خدمات وخاصة الموظف عبدالباسط ماشاء الله سريع ومتمكن
                  Manal Manal
                  Manal Manal
                  12:51 10 Mar 23

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