1. All invoices are due for payment upon receipt unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  2. Late payments may be subject to a late fee or interest charges as allowed by law.
  3. All prices and estimates provided are subjected to change based on the final assessment of the service.
  4. Additional costs may apply for any parts, materials or labor not included in the original statement.
  5. While we strive to provide high-quality service, we cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss to the vehicle or its contents unless directly caused by our negligence or misconduct.
  6. Customers are advised to remove any valuable items from the vehicle before service and to ensure that it is adequately insured.
  7. The customer is responsible for providing accurate information about the vehicle and its service history to the best of their knowledge.
  8. The customer must inform us of any pre-existing conditions or concerns regarding the vehicle before service.
  9. The customer is responsible for securing any necessary approvals, permits, or authorizations required for the service.
  10. If a vehicle remains unclaimed for a period of 24 hours after completion of the service, we reserve the right to charge storage fees oof AED 150.
  11. In the event that we do not receive a response from the customer regarding the vehicle pickup or delivery, we will park the car in the RTA parking area, and we will not be liable for any fines imposed.
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