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                  Bikes are ranked as one of the most popular vehicles for commuting in the UAE. While riding a bike on UAE roads is no less than an adventure, it is also true that dealing with bike battery failure, especially in the middle of the road, is a nightmare. Worse still, is the struggle of searching for professional and budget-friendly motorcycle battery in Dubai. To meet the high demand for bike battery services across the UAE, Battmobile is here!

                  We have introduced the motorbike battery replacement service, and it is timely, affordable, and cost-effective. And, because our mobile technicians are out and about on UAE roads 24/7, you can rest assured that we will be there to provide assistance when you search online for “motorcycle battery near me”.

                  Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective Harley Davidson battery or of any other brand, we are here for you. Call or WhatsApp us at 800-78278, and tell us about your motorbike battery requirement. Our team will attend to your request at the earliest.


                  You can contact us at 800-78278, or send us a motorbike battery request on the Battmobile app. Based on the specifications and requirements you provide, our team will provide you with the best bike battery recommendations. Upon your approval (for battery model and battery price), we will dispatch one of our qualified technicians to your given location, and he will tow your motorcycle to our service center in Al Quoz, Dubai.


                  In addition to providing customers with various bike battery brand options, you can count on Battmobile for the best bike battery price. It includes a warrantied battery, installation charges, and 24/7 post-service customer support. Call or WhatsApp us to inquire about the battery prices for your motorcycle in Dubai.


                  We offer a well-equipped car servicing center in Al Quoz, Dubai. The 8,000-square-foot facility is home to a dedicated staff of skilled automobile technicians who work with all sorts of vehicles, perform a broad variety of repair and replacement services, and are helped by cutting-edge automotive equipment and technology. We encourage you to bring your motorcycle to our service center for motorbike battery replacement. Alternatively, if you are unable to bring your motorcycle to our service center for battery installation, we provide vehicle pick-and-drop.


                  What are the most basic signs that indicate I need a battery replacement for my bike?

                  A visual inspection will reveal the most blatant red flags. Fragile batteries may be identified by their damaged terminals, fluid leakage, and discolouration or bulging of the plastic case. It’s possible for battery terminals to deteriorate over time. You should be sure that any visible symptoms of wear or discoloration are not just the product of natural corrosion before you decide that your battery is damaged and throw it away.

                  What is the estimated shelf-life of a motorcycle battery?

                  The average lifespan of a motorcycle battery is 48 months, yet just 30% of batteries last that long, according to a study. This is because a motorcycle battery’s performance and lifespan are largely determined by how well it is cared for, cleaned, and stored.

                  When is the right time to change my motorcycle battery?

                  The rule of thumb states that you should change your motorcycle battery every 3 to 5 years. Let us explain. The first thing to consider is whether your battery has been properly maintained. If so, you should change it every three to five years for an AGM and every two to five years for a conventional. And if not, it may be much sooner. Battery replacement is recommended if yours is more than three years old, or if your vehicle is slow to start after being idle. Not all batteries fail after three years, but your dealer should be able to inform you if yours has failed.

                  What factors do I need to keep in mind when deciding to change my motorcycle battery?

                  There is a good chance that you will get the incorrect motorcycle battery if you don’t take into consideration the model, cranking amps, capacity rating, and manufacturer data while replacing your battery.

                  What is the difference between a “Dead Battery” and a “Bad Battery”?

                  First of all, remember if your motorcycle battery has gone bad, it doesn’t mean that it is dead. Here’s an example. All but the most careful motorcycle drivers have accidentally left their vehicle’s lights on overnight. This constant drain of power, without the alternator to restore it, will eventually kill the battery. A jump start may often bring a dead battery back to life. The opposite is true for what we’ll call a “bad” battery. Whereas there is no way to save a dead battery. A defective battery will not retain a charge, no matter how often you charge it.

                  How do I keep my motorcycle battery healthy?

                  If you want to extend the life of your motorcycle battery, you can do so by practicing the following measures regularly.

                  • Keep your battery charged.
                  • Test the battery’s voltage once a month.
                  • Perform a maintenance and servicing routine to ensure that the corrosion and electrolyte levels are at par.
                  • Check the battery’s temperature, and ensure that vapor loss is minimal.

                  What is a motorcycle battery made of?

                  Different types of bicycle batteries exist, however most modern batteries are sealed and need little maintenance.

                  Motorcycle batteries, like car batteries, may be divided into two types: the newer, more convenient sealed maintenance-free kind, and the traditional, less reliable lead acid “wet” cell.

                  Motorcycle batteries use the sealed gel process of AGM technology. No upkeep is required and it performs well. Valve-regulated acid batteries and absorbed glass mat batteries are typically chosen because they are safe to use around water and do not corrode.

                  What do I need to know if I wish to change the battery on my motorbike myself?

                  Be careful to charge your new motorbike battery the right way the first time around. We also advise reading the battery’s included safety instructions. Filling a fresh battery with acid might potentially ruin your bike, so do it before installing the battery in the bike. Some batteries don’t come with acid; if this is the case, take it to your friendly vehicle service, like Battmobile, and we’ll take care of it for you.

                  It is recommended that you replenish the batteries in a well-ventilated room or outside for your own safety. In case you accidentally spill any acid, you should have some baking soda and water handy to neutralize it.

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