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Infiniti Car Battery UAE

Battmobile provides Infiniti car battery replacement in UAE. Whether you are looking for an Exide car battery or Bosch battery, our technicians provide you with a wide variety of brands to choose from.Benefits of Battmobile‘s battery replacement service:
  • list Prices starting at AED 139!
  • list 30 minutes turnaround time
  • list Battery warranty up to 24 months
  • list Free Diagnostics
  • list 24/7 customer support
infiniti service centre

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Wide range of services to choose from at your fingertips

Car Battery Replacement

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    Car Oil Change Service

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      Tyre Change Service

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        Car AC Service & Repair

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          Repair & Maintenance

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          • list Mechanical, Electrical & Preventive Care

            Suspension Repair Service

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              Brake Pads Change

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                Car Service Packages

                • list 4 Minor & 1 Major Services
                • list Premium Quality Parts
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                  Don’t put off servicing and repairs on your Infiniti. If you detect a problem with your car, please contact us immediately at 800 78278.

                  Infiniti Car services
                  Oil Change Service
                  Battery Replacement Service
                  Mechanical Repairs
                  Tyre Change Service
                  Electrical Repairs

                  Infiniti Service center in Dubai

                  Infiniti Battery Replacement Services

                  It is quite acceptable to seek for practical solutions to reduce expenses in car care and maintenance whenever possible. This is due to the fact that a car is an expensive item, and maintaining it for the foreseeable future is much more expensive. Take, for example, a car battery; you may believe that you are saving a lot of money by getting a low-cost battery from a nearby store; but the decision may impose other extra charges in the future, thus negating the objective of trimming down costs. Moreover, investing in a high-quality vehicle battery is clearly preferable than being stranded on the road.That’s why we suggest that you contact Battmobile for battery replacement in the UAE. Call us at 800 78278, and let us give you all-inclusive battery replacement service.We provide Infiniti battery replacement and are well-known for our excellent customer service, going above and beyond to help you. How? Our customer service representatives will take note of your vehicle's characteristics as well as your current location and give you with the best battery options to choose from. Amaron, Varta, Bosch, AC Delco, Exide, and other battery brands are among those we provide, and they are all competitively priced. You can be certain that our Infiniti battery price will not make you overspend when you approach us for battery replacement.Another benefit of our Infiniti battery change service in Dubai is that we provide a 12-month guarantee (extendable to 18 months) as well as excellent post-installation customer assistance and follow-up. If you have any battery issues while your warranty is still valid, please contact us and our expert will replace it for free.You may also come to our Al Quoz service centre, where our specialists are hard at work offering services like as automobile diagnostics, oil changes, AC repair, tyre replacement, car wash, and much more!

                  Infiniti Oil Change Services

                  It is strongly recommended that you get your oil changed every 8,000 to 8,000 kms. While these figures may differ according on the brand and type of your car, a periodic oil replacement may extend the lifespan of your car and keep it operating at optimal performance. While this may appear to be basic knowledge, many drivers are either too preoccupied or neglect to obtain regular oil changes.Are you seeking for a one-stop shop for Infiniti service in Dubai? If this is the case, contact Battmobile. Call us at 800 78278.It is no revelation that changing your oil on a regular basis is one of the finest methods to guarantee the health of your engine and the general performance of your car. If you buy a premium automobile like an Infiniti, you must be quite concerned about its care and maintenance. The good news is that we provide Infiniti oil change service both on-site and off-site.We have a highly trained team of experts who provide great Infiniti oil change services in Dubai and around the UAE. We will dispatch one of our mobile mechanics to your current position as soon as you tell us of your need for an oil change and give us with your current location. The oil change service will be completed within 30 minutes.

                  Minor Service

                  While onsite, our mechanic will execute the Infiniti minor service wherein he will do oil change, oil filter replacement, air filter cleaning, battery and tyre inspection, a waterless car wash, etc. In case, our mechanic detects other serious problems in your vehicle’s functions, he will tow it our service center in Al Quoz, Dubai.

                  Major Service

                  In the service center, we will utilize the Infiniti major service that includes the aforesaid minor services along with spark plugs change, engine and suspension inspection, electrical and fuel system check, wheel balancing and tyre rotation and the inspection of your car’s other vital functions and spare parts.Also, we have a specialized Infiniti service center where our mechanics squad work on all kinds of Infiniti repair and service requests such as battery replacement, tyre replacement, car repairs, car wash, etc.

                  Infiniti Tyre Repair Services

                  Are your Infiniti tyres on their last legs? Are you having trouble locating the correct Infiniti tyre size? Is the price of Infiniti tyres too high for you?Why don't you give us a call at 800 78278 and let us provide you with the best tyre repair and replacement services?For a multitude of reasons, our tyre replacement services are remarkable. To begin, you can call us and we will dispatch assistance to your area. Furthermore, we provide Infiniti tyre replacement services in Dubai and the neighbouring Emirates. Lastly, if you contact us, our technician will reach within 30-45 minutes.Our tyre replacement services are distinguished by the following features:

                  • Professional and well-trained mechanics who change tyres, test wheel balance, and even dispose of your old Infiniti tyres responsibly.
                  • A large assortment of Infiniti tyres in various sizes and at reasonable rates.
                  • Our Infiniti tyre price is budget-friendly.
                  • Customer service after installation.
                  You are also welcome to visit our service centre in Al Quoz, Dubai. Aside from Infiniti tyre replacement, we also provide electrical and mechanical repairs, as well as preventive maintenance such as battery replacement, oil change, ac repair, suspension and steering repair, tyres and wheels balancing, alignment and rotation, car diagnostics, and car wash, to name a few.

                  Infiniti Car Repair Services

                  In the UAE, car repairs and maintenance are a big industry. Given that the nation is known as the Arab world's automobile powerhouse, it's not surprising that car owners are possessive of their vehicles and would go to any extent to secure their safety – especially if the car in issue is an Infiniti.We can all agree that experiencing any type of automotive pain, such as the need for a vehicle tyre repair, is quite unpleasant, especially if you are in a hurry or live a large distance away from an automobile repair service provider. Guess what, you won't have to go through that with Battmobile. Because we can reach any location in 30 to 45 minutes!Should you need Infiniti car repairs, please contact us right away at 800 78278. Our Infiniti mechanic will take great care and diligence in performing preventive maintenance services such as oil changes, spark plug replacement, and car inspections, as well as ad hoc services such as tyre replacement, battery replacement, transmission problems, radiator leak repair, and so on.We offer onsite and offsite Infiniti maintenance services in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. Contact us by phone or WhatsApp, and our customer service representatives will book an appointment for you at the time and day you decide.

                  Infiniti Car Recovery Services

                  It's odd to visualize your vehicle getting stranded in the middle of a busy road. However, like with all vehicles, even the Infiniti may surprise us in unexpected ways. For example, if your cherished Infiniti breaks down on Dubai roads (or anyplace in the UAE), who do you contact for immediate assistance? Of course, the Battmobile! We will give Infiniti recovery service if you call or WhatsApp us at 800 78278. The nicest thing is that when you place a recovery/towing service with us, our mobile technician will arrive in 30 to 45 minutes.We have the resources and personnel to fulfil any sort of automotive recovery request, whether it is for a car, van, pickup, or truck. We have 40+ specialists on the road around the UAE, available to assist stranded motorists.

                  Infiniti Car Wash Services

                  How frequently do you wash your Infiniti? For some, it's a weekly ritual that they undertake in hopes of keeping their vehicle in top shape. Others only do it when they notice encrusted filth that has turned their Infiniti unappealing. Whichever side you are on, taking your car for cleaning/washing on a regular basis is vital.We use the best gear and vehicle wash solutions to restore the exteriors and interiors of your Infiniti. Call or text us at 800 78278 to arrange your vehicle wash right away! Battmobile offers a full-service facility in Al Quoz, Dubai's automobile hub. Because we have high-quality vehicle wash equipment and solutions, we can provide all-inclusive Infiniti car wash services (offsite and on-location) to customers in Dubai and the other Emirates.If you ask us, we'll tell you that a monthly vehicle wash is a little investment which may well pay off handsomely. Furthermore, frequent washing might help you save money by decreasing or even eliminating damage. After washing, you'll be delighted at how wonderful your Infiniti looks and how much joy you get out of it when it's kept shining clean with no work.

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