Battmobile provides onsite Nissan battery replacement in Dubai. Even if you’re stuck in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, or Ajman, we can help you! Benefits of Battmobile‘s battery replacement service:

  • Prices starting at AED 119!
  • 25 minutes turnaround time
  • Battery warranty up to 18 months
  • Free Diagnostics
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free delivery
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Nissan Car Battery Replacement

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  • Prices starting at AED 119!
  • 25 minutes turnaround time
  • Battery warranty up to 18 months
  • Free Diagnostics
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free delivery

Stuck with a dead Cadillac car battery? No problem! We provide topnotch and timely battery replacement service in Dubai and across the UAE.


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                    If your Nissan is sluggish, noisy, vibrating.. Let us our mechanics have a look.

                    If your Nissan is behaving strangely due to poor oil or a dead battery, it is time to take it in for service. Call 800-78278 right now to schedule your Nissan repairs.

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                    Wide range of services to choose from at your fingertips

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                    Nissan Battery Replacement Services

                    There are multiple ways to keep your Nissan in good working condition, especially if you follow its servicing and maintenance schedule without compromise. One of the methods by which you can ensure that your car’s health is in top order is by keeping tabs on the battery. The battery is one of the mainstay components that drives your car – literally. If you have a Nissan battery, and it’s not in good working condition then we advise you to contact Battmobile at 800-78278 for battery replacement ASAP! Our Nissan battery change procedure is truly one-of-a-kind because we use the best resources. So, when you contact us for Nissan battery replacement in Dubai, you get:

                    • A wide selection of battery brands to choose from – Amaron, Varta, Exide, AC Delco, and many more.
                    • Best prices and value-for-money services.
                    • 12-month battery warranty, extendable to 18 months (T&Cs apply)
                    • You can opt for onsite or offsite battery replacement.
                    • Onsite battery replacement response time is 30-45 minutes.
                    • Professional battery installation service.
                    • Excellent post-installation follow-up and customer service.
                    • Warranty claims are entertained onsite too

                    If you choose our offsite Nissan battery replacement service, our technician will tow your vehicle to our service center in Al Quoz, Dubai. It is a newly-opened, fully-equipped venue that spreads across 8,000sq.ft. We cater to battery replacement requests in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other Emirates. If you are an off-roading geek and looking for a Nissan Patrol battery, you have landed the correct website. We respond to many inquiries every day regarding Nissan Patrol battery size and guide our customers to the most appropriate battery for their cars. Not only that, we offer them the Nissan Patrol battery price that no one else can offer in this region. Further to Nissan car battery replacement, we also specialize in car diagnostics, steering & suspension repair, AC repair, tyre replacement, car wash, transmission & gearbox repair etc.

                    Nissan Oil Change Services

                    Are you in need of Nissan maintenance in Dubai? Cannot find good results for “Nissan service near me?” Looking for a Nissan service center that provides oil change and related minor and major services?

                    If these questions are troubling you, then now is a good time for you to call Battmobile at 800 -78278. We are UAE’s fastest-growing car care services provider. Whether you need an onsite Nissan oil change or want to visit a fully-decked service center, we have got you covered!

                    Give us a call or drop us a WhatsApp at 800-78278 and we will send our mechanic to your location within 30 to 45 minutes! He will do the oil change, and also conduct a series of check-ups that are equally important and necessary. The Nissan minor service package includes 100% authentic oil change, oil filter replacement, air filter cleaning, battery and tire check, a dry car wash, as well as other services.

                    On the other hand, if our technician identifies that your car needs to undergo more servicing (in addition to oil change and minor services), he will tow the vehicle to our service center where we will deploy Nissan major service that includes spark plug replacement, engine and suspension inspection, electrical and fuel system inspection, wheel alignment and tyre rotation, and an inspection of other crucial components of your car.

                    Nissan Tyre Repair Services

                    When a Nissan tire blows out, the driver should slow down gently and get off the road. Insisting to drive ahead may harm the wheel, hub, or other components of the car. Driving with a flat/bad tire, particularly at high speeds, can lead to a loss of control and lead to a mishap. Some drivers, particularly those with limited physical strength, may be injured when attempting to replace a tire. Here’s a good suggestion, call Battmobile at 800-78278 for a Nissan tyre replacement in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE.

                    When you contact us on call or WhatsApp, our team will jot down the details of your vehicle and its tire requirements. Considering that we have a large stockpile of top-grade tyres from different brands like Bridgestone, Continental, Cooper, Dunlop etc.So we will suggest to you the best tyre size and price for your vehicle.

                    Additionally, if you’re nearby and if you can, we encourage you to come to our full-fledged service center situated in Al Quoz Dubai, where we provide a full range of services including battery replacement, car diagnostic, engine, and transmission repair services, etc. Call us now to book an appointment, and we promise to deliver excellent services.

                    Nissan Car Repair Services

                    Car repairs are notorious for turning up like uninvited guests at ungodly hours. It’s a hassle that every car owner has to put up with, no matter what. However, you still have a choice to ensure that the experience doesn’t get you all flustered. How?

                    Call Battmobile at 800-78278

                    We are UAE’s leading car repair services provider. While we cater to the repair request of cars of all makes and models, it is also true that Nissan repairs are our specialty. Whether you want onsite car repairing, and need a Nissan mechanic, or if you want to have your car towed to a spacious car servicing venue, we can do both!

                    When you contact us with a Nissan repair request, our customer service representative will take your car’s information (vehicle model and current location) and send our mechanic as soon as you confirm your order. If the car repairs are modest, he will undertake them on-site. If this is not possible, the technician will tow your car to our service center in Al Quoz, Dubai. It is a fully operational facility where our crew of skilled and experienced technicians provide not just car repairs but also do battery replacement, tire change, engine and transmission services, electrical and mechanical repairs, spark plug replacement and brake pads installation, etc.

                    Nissan Car Wash Services

                    Do you think it’s time to sign up your Nissan car for a good-quality and wholesome car wash? If yes, we think it’s time you call Battmobile at 800 78278. Our Nissan car wash services are superlative because we utilize paint-friendly wax and high-quality fiber towels. When you reach out to us to make a Nissan car wash request, be rest assured that your car is going to undergo good cleaning and scrubbing – top to bottom, and back to front.

                    Schedule your car wash appointment with us daily!

                    Nissan Car Recovery Services

                    Has your beloved Nissan car suffered a breakdown, and do you need urgent help? Are you looking for a prompt and professional Nissan car recovery service in UAE? Call Battmobile at 800-78278 Our rapid response team is on the road 24/7, and when you contact us for car recovery, we will make sure to dash one of our technicians to your current location. And, we promise you that he will be there within 30-45 minutes (our quick response times are one of our USPs!). Whether you are in Dubai, or any other Emirate, we have the manpower and gear to provide you with excellent assistance. We have 40+ professionals on standby to perform both accidental and breakdown recovery operations 24/7.

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