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Warranty Claims


This article speaks about Battmobile’s policy toward warranty claims on car batteries.

We at Battmobile stand by with each of our products we sell. We source all our products from the finest suppliers, provide the warranty on site/in house and we follow a well defined process.

Here is the process:

Client Calls and informs of the problem in the vehicle.
We explain to them about the checking process. Replacing a car battery under warranty is a 3 step process.

Checking the alternator

If the charging system of the vehicle is not performing adequately then most likely the battery is weak because of not being charged.

Checking the starter motor

If the starter motor is not sufficiently strong enough to crank the engine due to part damage, the battery is good enough to power the starter, however, the starter is not performing well enough to start the car. Battery is not bad here.

Checking the battery

Car batteries have two ways of not performing as required. It either has a weak battery (low on cranking power) or dead battery (bad cell replace). If a battery becomes weak that in simple terms is if you use a phone and do not charge it, the phone is not damaged, the underlying reason could be you left the screen timer to unlimited and forgot to switch off the screen. In that case you do not need to replace the phone, you just have to perform sufficient charging. In vehicle terms that’s the alternator’s job to do and the vehicle needs to run continuously for a few hours to charge the battery enough to crank on its own.
If a battery shows bad cell replacement in its warranty period. That is the time when warranty claim is applicable. A battery with 1 year warranty for example should not show bad cell replace on the advanced testing equipment in its warranty period. Bad cell replacements are the batteries which cannot hold charge any more and it requires to be replaced. This occasionally happens and warranty claims are given to customers.

Now sadly, many clients over the years feel that we as service providers have failed them when we have not replaced their weak batteries in warranty. We explain this to them over and over and few realize the science behind it. But few Customers still feel we have not stood up to our commitment.

All battery suppliers do not accept weak/recharge batteries from us in warranty claims. Hence no replacement can be provided to the client. Batteries showing bad cell and replace are replaced by suppliers immediately, hence we have no incentive in not replacing a bad cell replace battery at site. A bad cell replace battery does not charge over many cycles and its life is over and would require change at the latest.

Battmobile’s biggest aim is to provide quality service at a reasonable price especially when customers are stranded.

In Last 24 Hours, 120 Customers have used our battery replacement service at Ashburn United States

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