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Car AC Repair

If you are facing airflow problems, loss of cooling, false smell, or a weird noise from the vents. Be assured, your car needs an AC service and maintenance.

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A malfunctioning air conditioning system in an otherwise well-functioning automobile can lead to a highly inconvenient situation, particularly on hot and humid days. To pre-empt such scenarios, it is essential to avail oneself of the services of a reputable car AC repair and maintenance provider. Battmobile UAE is a rapidly expanding car service provider in Dubai and other Emirates, renowned for delivering top-notch car AC repair and maintenance solutions with exceptional promptness and efficiency. Our dedication to delivering first-rate services is reflected in our affordable prices and the high rating we enjoy from our satisfied customers.


For prompt and efficient AC repairin Dubai, we invite you to contact us via phone or WhatsApp at 800 78278. Our dedicated customer service representatives are committed to delivering timely and reliable assistance.

Upon confirmation of your appointment, our skilled technicians will promptly arrive at your specified location within 30 to 45 minutes. With a comprehensive diagnostic approach, we will thoroughly assess your vehicle’s AC system to identify any issues. Based on the results, we may recommend towing your vehicle to our state-of-the-art service center in Al Quoz, Dubai, with your permission.

Trust us for all your AC repair needs in Dubai, and experience unparalleled service and expertise from our team of professionals.


Please feel free to contact us or visit our service center located in Dubai (Al Quoz) for efficient and reliable AC repair services. Our team of expert technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your vehicle to identify any issues with the air conditioning system. We specialize in variousAC repair services, including:

  • air conditioning system servicing,
  • system flushes,
  • compressor repair and replacement,
  • evaporator core repair and replacement, and
  • repair of AC lines on vehicles.

We take pride in offering comprehensive automotive repair services catering to all vehicle makes and brands. Trust us to provide prompt and professional AC repair in Dubai.


If your vehicle’s air conditioning (AC) system exhibits any of the following symptoms, it is crucial to seek the expertise of Battmobile for professional AC repair services in Dubai.

  • Low refrigerant or coolant levels are a common issue found in AC systems. This problem can be resolved through a car AC recharge, along with additional repairs to components that cause rapid coolant loss.
  • Blocked airflow between the compressor, condenser, and air vents in the cabin can disrupt the proper functioning of your car’s AC system, requiring immediate AC repair.
  • In the event of broken or worn-out integral components of your AC system, such as the compressor and condenser, the entire system may shut down. Therefore, it is essential to seek AC repair services immediately to have these parts replaced.

Count on Battmobile’s specialized AC repair services in Dubai to keep your vehicle’s AC system in optimal working condition.

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                  24/7 Car AC Compressor Repair & AC Gas Refill in Dubai

                  Regardless of time and location, you can reach out to us for services anytime. Our technicians will discuss the AC repairs (including car compressor price and AC gas refill price) on the phone or WhatsApp before dispatching a technician to your given location in the UAE. 

                  Signs that your vehicle’s AC is wearing out:

                  • Lack of cooling in the cabin or the rise of warm air from the vents are the first signs of ac not working. But this could also be due to minor problems like low coolant, clogging of vents, or a broken fan. 
                  • Unfamiliar noises can also act as an indication. The rattling of sound in your car’s climate control system might indicate a broken part. 
                  • Mould in your car AC system – a respiratory health hazard – can generate a pungent smell and make the cabin smelly.
                  • The coolant has a greasy texture, and its leak can be identified easily through its stains.
                  • A fault in the ac system might result in leakage of water inside your vehicle.

                  When You Should Book Online Car AC Service

                  The breakdown of a car AC system can cause unbearable and unnecessary torment to car drivers and passengers. Therefore, it is important to get your vehicle checked regularly as the system damage and repair costs are likely to escalate the longer your vehicle remains unchecked.

                  You know it is time for your car’s air conditioner repair when you notice:

                  • Unsteady airflow
                  • Sloppy AC compressor belt
                  • Mold or mildew accumulation from the residual moisture of the AC system
                  • Defective ventilation fan

                  Preventive AC Maintenance Service

                  You should get your car AC repair done regularly through professionals. It ensures that issues of AC gas refills or AC compressor issues get detected early, and resolved immediately. A regular checkup and maintenance will prevent your AC problems. At our service station, we thrive at solving complex ac repairs at the cheapest prices. So do bring your vehicle to our centre for maintenance. You can also book an appointment online through our website.  


                  You can call us or WhatsApp at 800 78278 to know about AC gas refill prices and car AC compressor prices. Our rates are competitive yet customer-friendly, we promise!

                  How do you know?

                  Is your car AC not performing up to expectation?

                  If your car’s AC system is throwing unusually warm air at you, or you discover high humidity and water leaks, it means your car needs AC repair.

                  how you know
                  Weird Noise from The Compressor
                  Unusually High Cabin Temperature
                  Fluid Leakage
                  Stuck AC Compressor Clutch

                  Car AC rEpair and maintenance Services

                  When You Need Air Condition Car Repair in Dubai?

                  The best way to keep your AC system functioning is regular servicing and maintenance. The methods to check the AC system’s efficiency and also its errors are:

                  • Direct and visual inspection of parts such as water pump, radiator, belts, hoses, clamps, and caps.
                  • Detection of leakage points through the use of black light tracer dye injection.
                  • Check for coolant leakage
                  • Radiator cap pressure test


                  How do I know if my car's AC compressor is faulty?

                  If you detect weird noises coming from within the AC compressor, experience unusually humid and hot conditions inside the car cabin, or identify fluid leakage or a compressor spillage, it means your AC compressor needs professional assistance.

                  What causes AC in the car to stop working?

                  It could be due to low levels of AC coolant, or your AC system’s refrigerant being out of charge. Occasionally, your car AC may stop working because of an internal obstruction.

                  Will a bad AC compressor disrupt the engine?

                  Yes. When the pulley bearing of an air conditioner's compressor fails, the compressor becomes stuck, causing the engine to stall.

                  How do I detect AC problems in my vehicle?

                  Symptoms to watch out for: dirty air filter, imbalanced thermostat settings, breakage in the air conditioner circuits, and faulty air vents.

                  When do I need to replace my AC compressor?

                  If you discover your AC isn’t cooling as it usually does or the airflow isn’t sufficient or circulating well, it means you need to go in for AC compressor replacement. Additionally, don’t ignore rattling or ticking sounds if you hear them while your car AC is on.

                  Can the AC compressor be repaired?

                  No. If your AC compressor is out of order, it's best to get it replaced.

                  Does driving without AC save gas?

                  Yes, because compressor of a car AC is powered by car engine directly through a belt so anything that requires power from the engine will increase the consumption of fuel.

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