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Car  Inspection services

Our car inspection service removes the risk of unexpected repair costs, ensures vehicle efficiency, and helps you in buying or selling a vehicle.
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Wide range of services to choose from at your fingertips

Car Battery Replacement

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    Car Oil Change Service

    • list Minor & Major Services
    • list 100% Genuine Oil & Filters Guarantee
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      Tyre Change Service

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        Car AC Service & Repair

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          Repair & Maintenance

          • list Qualified Car Technicians For All Car Brands
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          • list Mechanical, Electrical & Preventive Care

            Suspension Repair Service

            • list 100% Original OEM Parts
            • list 15+ Years Experienced Mechanics
            • list Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

              Brake Pads Change

              • list 100% Genuine Product Guarantee
              • list Seasoned & Experienced Mechanics
              • list Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

                Car Service Packages

                • list 4 Minor & 1 Major Services
                • list Premium Quality Parts
                • list Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

                  How do you know?

                  How frequently you should get a car inspection?

                  If you want your car to age as finely as you, make sure to sign up for Car Inspection services regularly to avoid unpleasant surprises and repair costs.

                  how you know
                  Avoid Unexpected Repairs Cost
                  Right Price For The Vehicle
                  Helps Car Buying/Selling Decision

                  Avoids Fines & Penalties

                  Reliable Car Inspection Services – Just A Call Away

                  Can’t find many relevant results to the queries such as “vehicle inspection near me” or “car inspection near me” online?

                  You’re in luck because Battmobile has technicians working round-the-clock in all parts of UAE!

                  If you’re in search of worry-free, cost-effective, and convenient automotive inspections services in Dubai, Battmobile has got your car’s back – no pun intended!
                  Our pre-purchase car inspection services cater to all kinds of car brands and models. Audi, Genesis, Mercedes, Chrysler, Porsche, Cadillac, Jeep, Hummer, Ford, Mini, Honda, Haval, Lexus, and Escalade are just a few examples. UAE is an automobile haven for good reason, right?

                  Our Motor Vehicle Inspection Services Are Fully Compliant

                  We adhere to complete road safety and vehicle safety guidelines whilst we facilitate top-quality vehicle inspection at affordable prices to car owners and drivers in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

                  Our experienced technicians check your vehicle thoroughly by using the latest car diagnostic tools and equipment to make sure you are fully aware of the problems with your car. It helps you get them fixed on time, achieve a comfortable driving experience, and avoid any potential fines, penalties, and government-regulated punishments.

                  As part of our car inspection services package, our technician will also evaluate car tires to ensure they are in good working order. It includes checking the air pressure in their tires, their alignment and balance. If any defect is identified, the technician will notify you, and recommend a tyre replacement accordingly. It is worth noting that Battmobile has a prosperous selection of all the leading tire brands. Whether you are looking for summer tyres in Firestone or Marshal, or you would like to get to Hankook tires or Goodyear tires fitted to your vehicle, we have all tyre brands and types available.Our tires are 100 percent original and sourced from local vendors. Feel free to call or WhatsApp us on 800 78278 for car inspection and tyre replacement services – anywhere in the UAE.

                  Full Car Inspection Services Dubai

                  Process We Follow at Our Vehicle Inspection Centre

                  An exhaustive automobile checkup is important for the health, stability, and practicality of your vehicle. We, at Battmobile, conduct an all-around examination of the vehicle and cover the below activities.

                  • Detailed examination of the outer body to check for abnormalities or pass wrecks.
                  • Complete scrutiny of electrical functions of the car such as wiring, switches, fuses, and other operational components.
                  • An all-inclusive detailed vehicle inspection including interior and exterior parts, mechanical parts, and their fitness.
                  • A thorough inspection of suspension, steering, wheels, and brakes which are the most vital components of a vehicle.
                  • Test drive for operation and functionality of the vehicle.
                  • Measurement of all accessible fluids for level, condition, and quality
                  • Inspection of car battery and charging system

                  Excellent customer care service offered before and after car inspection service

                  We Welcome You to Our Vehicle Inspection Centre in Al Quoz

                  Visit our car service center in Al Quoz, Dubai where we provide end-to-end services of vehicle inspection, repairs and services, and a complete worry-free package of preventive car maintenance.

                  Our Vehicle Inspection Service Is Real Quick

                  If you require a speedy and timely automotive inspection in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, please call or WhatsApp us on 800 78278. Our customer support representatives will respond at the earliest. You can also book our services through our website. After you confirm your appointment, our professional will arrive at your designated location within 30 to 45 minutes. After completing a preliminary check of your car, they will tow it to our vehicle inspection center, inspect it, and return it to you.

                  Pre-Purchase Car Inspection is a Must Before Buying/Selling A Used Car

                  Selecting the ideal used automobile takes a bit of time, and once you discover 'the one,' it might be tempting to speed through the purchase process so you can get behind the wheel as quickly as possible. Before you fully commit, there is one more critical step to take: a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI).

                  Benefits of Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

                  If you’re considering buying a used car of your favorite car brand, or if you are planning to sell your own, it is highly recommended that you sign up for our pre-purchase inspection service. Let us tell you why:

                  • Spares you from unexpected repairs and maintenance costs.
                  • Verifies the car quality.
                  • Helps identify the right price of the vehicle you intend to buy
                  • Help you estimate the post-purchase repairing cost

                  Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Review and Reporting from Licensed Experts

                  The technician will identify any present problems and indicate any future difficulties, as well as inspect to ensure that any prior damage has been inappropriately fixed. By understanding more about what's going on under the hood, you could feel more certain if you're making a good decision.

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