1. All Battmobile service packages come with a unique package ID which is stored in the company’s software. Any booklet without or tempered booklet will be confiscated immediately.
  2. The service package will be deemed as finished when the mentioned number of car services are delivered.
  3. Service packages can’t be cancelled, transferred or refunded.
  4. Battmobile reserves the right to cancel the service packages at any time.
  5. No car service request will be entertained without a prior appointment. To Book an Appointment call 800-78278.
  6. If Battmobile’s service center is fully occupied, Battmobile will have the discretion to perform the minor car service on the customer’s location. Battmobile will ensure that the service quality is not impacted.
  7. Monthly installment plans with Battmobile and or any third-party entity is subject to changes in the economic situation of the country.
  8. The claim of up to 50% cheaper than the dealership is based on the average price data collected from randomly selected automobile servicing companies.
  9. There is no annual commitment with service package however, Battmobile reserves the right to limit the period to counter the rising inflation cost.
  10. The details included in the minor and major service are limited to the information mentioned on the Battmobile service package booklet.
  11. All prices are quoted in Dirhams and are subject to VAT as per UAE’s law.
  12. In case there is a free battery with the purchase of service package, Battmobile will use its own brand only. If a customer insists to install a battery other than Battmobile, the difference of the price must be paid by the customer.
  13. Engine oil used for the car servicing will be premium which means it will be either Motul or equivalent quality. Select of oil is on Battmobile’s discretion.
  14. Engine oil filters will be genuine or equivalent quality.
  15. Free vehicle pick and drop service is subject to the availability of the recovery vehicles and customers will be served on a “first come first serve” basis.
  16. Vehicle pick and drop service is available only in Dubai.
  17. The term *change used with brake pads, spark plugs, AC filter and Air Filter refers to the labor charge. Battmobile will not charge any amount as ‘labor’ however the parts are to be purchased by the customer.
  18. Any repair job, requested by customers but not included in the service package, will only start after the approval and customers must pay for those services.
  19. Customers sourcing parts from suppliers other than Battmobile, will be responsible for the quality of the repair.
  20. Customers must remove all their valuable belongings from the vehicle. Battmobile will not be responsible for any losses or damages.
  21. Battmobile uses spare parts based on the availability and exercises full control over the selection of parts.
  22. Customers should check their vehicle properly before leaving the Battmobile service center premises. No claims will be entertained thereafter.
  23. If a repair is done using a third party, the charges are to be paid by the customer unless the service is covered within the service package.
  24. Battmobile is not responsible for any delays in the delivery of the vehicle or quality of the repair if it is caused due to 3rd party supplier.
  25. At the time of receiving the vehicle, make sure your car is properly washed, otherwise raise a complaint with the service advisor.
  26. Any dispute arising will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of law in the UAE.
  27. Customer has the right to ask about the usage of parts and accessories used for the car service.
  28. Customer must keep the service booklet safely and present it all the time while obtaining the car service.
  29. Issuance of replacement service package booklet will cost AED 100+VAT.
  30. If services have been utilized then you cannot cancel the contract and no refund will be provided.
  31. After 28 days all service contracts are non-refundable until they expire.
  32. Car wash service included in the car service package can be availed only when car is in service center for a minor or major service.
  33. Free onsite car wash is not included in the package.
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