A Korean-origin tyre brand, Nexen Tyre Co. is an 80-year-old organization that has the recognition of being the country’s first-ever tyre organization that is well-renowned for its tyres manufacturing, quality, and warranty.

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                  HOW DO YOU KNOW?

                  Among the multiple USPs Nexen tyres boasts of, the distinguished feature is the tyres undergo stringent performance tests to ensure that motorists experience utmost comfort and safety on the roads, and also come back to purchase them again in the future.

                  NEXEN TYRES IN DUBAI

                  Installation of Nexen Tyres in Dubai

                  Multifacted tyres are they are, Nexen tyres are a popular preference among UAE drivers because of many reasons. The foremost one being that these tyres are built with technologies and mechanism that make them pothole-proof. Not that potholes are a sight on UAE’s smooth roads, but it is always better to be safe than sorry in car matters, right? Moreover, Nexen tyres make you confident that you are buying tyres that will last a long time. After all, your safety is just as vital as your driving performance. If your wheels and tyres are damaged while driving, you, your passengers, and other road users may suffer. To steer clear of any tyre-related misfortunes, we recommend you install Nexen tyres now – call or WhatsApp now.

                  Nexen Tyres and Its Models in Dubai

                  Car ownership is a serious priority since it necessitates a lot of upkeep and care. To guarantee that you get the most out of your car for the longest amount of time, you must maintain it on a regular basis and replace essential parts. The tyres are a crucial automobile component that should be checked and replaced on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to look for tyres that are especially suitable to your vehicle and your wellbeing. Nexen tyres are a high-quality range of tyres that provide several conveniences to you and your vehicle. At Battmobile, we have a wide selection of all the leading Nexen tyres that are good fit in vehicles across the UAE. You can choose from the following tyre models:

                  • CP
                  • N BLUE HD
                  • N’FERA
                  • N’PRIZ
                  • RO
                  • ROADIAN

                  Call or WhatsApp with your Nexen tyre preference, or we can propose the ideal tyre depending on the specifications of your car and your driving practices.

                  Looking For Best Nexen Tyres Prices In Dubai?

                  Monitoring your tyres is equally as important as preserving the rest of your vehicle. Improper tyre care can result in problems ranging from abrasive wear to premature failure, and obtaining a new set of tyres can be costly. If you’re tyred of paying outrageous prices for Nexen tyres online and want an all-in-one solution, we invite you to visit Battmobile. We are the UAE’s premier all-inclusive automobile care and servicing company. In addition to outstanding onsite automobile maintenance and repair, we provide a well-stocked inventory of genuine and warrantied Nexen car tyres at reasonable and competitive prices.

                  Nexen Tyres Run on All Kinds of Roads in the UAE

                  Nexen tyres tyres are designed to be used in all weather and road conditions. UAE experiences long summers, and brief periods of winter and rainy seasons. With the high-end technologies and components that Nexen tyres are built with, it can be said that they are aptly versatile, and can easily feel at home on UAE. You can be confident that they will hold the road securely in the mud. If the road is hot and dry, it will stay hard and stable. Because every motorist encounters a variety of weather situations, it is essential to have wheels and tyres that can withstand them. Nexen tyres are specially recommended by car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Chrysler, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Hyundai, Kia, Renault, Chevrolet, and others. Nexen tyres are appropriate for the majority of passenger cars and SUVs. We strongly advise you to install Nexen tyres as soon as possible to guarantee that your vehicle enjoys the benefits of Nexen tyres. In the UAE, Battmobile offers onsite tyre installation/replacement services. Now is the time to call or text us at 800-78278.

                  Nexen Tyres are Ideal for All Vehicles

                  We utilise tyres to provide a gentler interaction between the tyres and the road surface. Our vehicles’ tyres are fastened to the outside edge of the wheels. They also have an impact on the vehicle’s effectiveness. Tyres may appear to be simple and strong rubber discs. However, there is a great deal of engineering and science that goes into the creation of a tyre. Various materials of different substances strive to make the tyres run as they should. Nexen tyres are proof of this. As a result, when consumers ask us about tyre brands and, in particular, which tyre brand performs best on UAE roads and weather conditions, Nexen tyres are one of our most frequent suggestions. Call us at 800 78278 or text us at to schedule your Nexen tyre replacement now.

                  Nexen Tyres Installation and Services at your Convenience

                  Battmobile is your best bet for Nexen car tyres purchase and installation/replacement in Dubai (and other Emirates) because we offer services such as:

                  • Onsite Installation
                  • Tyre Balancing
                  • Our techncians will arrive at the location of your choice and at the time of your choice.

                  Our other specialist services include:

                  • Battery replacement
                  • Oil Change
                  • AC Repair
                  • Electrical and Mechanical Services
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