You can rely on Battmobile to provide you with the best and affordable GMC battery for your vehicle when you contact us for battery replacement in Dubai! Benefits of Battmobile‘s battery replacement service:

  • Prices starting at AED 119!
  • 25 minutes turnaround time
  • Battery warranty up to 18 months
  • Free Diagnostics
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free delivery
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GMC Car Battery Replacement

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  • Prices starting at AED 119!
  • 25 minutes turnaround time
  • Battery warranty up to 18 months
  • Free Diagnostics
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free delivery

Stuck with a dead Cadillac car battery? No problem! We provide topnotch and timely battery replacement service in Dubai and across the UAE.


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                  Don’t wait for your GMC to break open before you decide to take it for servicing and repairs. If you find anything faulty in your car, contact us at 800-78278 now

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                  Wide range of services to choose from at your fingertips


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                  GMC Battery Replacement

                  You don’t have to wait for your car’s battery to die for you to rush to the mechanic for urgent assistance. Call it your battery’s good karma, it does demonstrate signs that foreshadow its ill-health or that it is on the verge of giving up, and stalling your vehicle, as a result. Look out for the following symptoms in your GMC car battery. If it has gone bad it will impact your car’s engine, first and foremost. Considering that both components are closely interrelated, a bad battery will cause your car’s engine to send out unpleasant cranky noises, specially when you try to turn your key in the car’s ignition. Consequently, even your car’s “check engine light” will refuse to go off; it will flick incessantly as if to blatantly remind you that you need to check under the hood. Also, the car lights will not be as brightly-lit as they should be. If you see all this, this is time for your GMC battery replacement. Let Battmobile help you. Call or WhatsApp us at 800-78278 to book your GMC battery change, and we will send our mobile technician to your given location. Our battery services are the best because:

                  • We are available and accessible for battery replacement 24/7.
                  • Our response time is quick – 30-45 minutes.
                  • We have an extensive range of world-class battery brands you can choose from – Amaron, Varta, Bosch, AC Delco, Exide, etc.
                  • Our battery prices are competitive yet affordable; and are inclusive of warranty and post-installation service.
                  • Our technicians are skilled in performing all kinds of battery replacement and diagnostics with utmost professionalism.
                  • You can also bring your GMC car to our service center in Al Quoz. We offer a variety of car repair and servicing options including car diagnostics, oil change, AC service, tyre replacement, car wash, and much more!

                  GMC Oil Change Services

                  Oil change does wonders for your car engine, and its overall performance. Having been in this auto repairing and servicing industry for more than a decade, we can tell you that oil change is one of our best-selling services across all car brands – especially GMC. Battmobile is a 24/7 car care and maintenance services provider in the UAE. We provide onsite and offsite automobile services. If you are looking for GMC oil change in Dubai, call us at 800-78278 and book an appointment today. We thoroughly understand the value an oil change can bring to your vehicle. Using clean oil in a car helps the lubrication and movement of engine parts. As a result, it is advised to regularly sign up for oil change, oil filter change, and other similar services. Ideally, you must change your car oil after every three to four months. We have a fully-developed and decked-up service center in Al Quoz, Dubai where oil change activities take place. The upside to bringing your vehicle to our GMC service center is that our mechanics not only perform oil change service but also carry out a range of diagnostics and checks that will enhance your vehicle’s performance and longevity. During the GMC minor service, our technicians replace engine oil with the recommended oil grade and a 100% genuine oil filter that is compatible with your engine. Additionally, they check and top up all the fluids in the vehicle such as transmission fluid, gearbox oil, brake oil, wiper fluid and others. They also run a check on your car battery and tyres to identify any possible issues with them.

                  GMC Tyre Repair Services

                  Need GMC tyres in the UAE? Is your wheel alignment incorrect? Are you sensing trouble with your tyre balance, or are your brakes and suspension suddenly acting awkward? To face the aforesaid discoveries can disturb the peace of the driver. Let us bring you out of this misery. Call us on 800 -78278, and we will send help to your location. Battmobile specializes in tyre replacement service, and we have a crew of mobile auto technicians who are waiting to bail you out of all kinds of car trouble – anywhere in the UAE. Give us a call, or connect with us on WhatsApp, and our customer service representatives will have a technician dash across to your current location. Based on the information you provide to us; we will avail you the GMC tyre size you need at the best price. When the technician arrives to your location, he will replace the tyre(s) with a new one, do a test run, and take your leave soon after. And if you need any other service besides tyre replacement for your GMC car in Dubai (or in other Emirates), you’re most welcome to contact us for battery replacement, oil change, engine repair, etc, too. We have a full-service facility in Al Quoz Dubai where we do all types of vehicle repairs and servicing.

                  GMC Car Repair Services

                  If you are looking to obtain high-quality and professional car repair services for your GMC, Battmobile has got your back (and your car’s too). We cater to car repair requests for all car brands – GMC, for example. Call or WhatsApp us at 800-78278 with your car repair requirement, and we will dispatch our GMC mechanic to come to your location in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE. Thanks to our quick response time, you will always find us when you look up “GMC repair near me” online. Our technicians reach on-location within 30 to 45 minutes, and provide efficient and customer-friendly car repair services – onsite and offsite. We are at your service 24/7. Call us anytime for GMC repair in Dubai (and other Emirates). Our booking service is simple and quick.

                  • When you contact us with a GMC repair inquiry, our customer service representative will take your information (vehicle model and current location) and deploy our mechanic as soon as you confirm your order.
                  • If the car repairs are minor, he will undertake them on-site. And if it requires major servicing then the technician will tow your car to our service center in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our competent and experienced mechanics will treat your vehicle with the great care and precision, and return it to you as soon as possible.

                  GMC Car Wash Services

                  Are you looking for prompt and professional car wash services in Dubai? Do you think it’s time to take your GMC car for a car wash, but you cannot find the time to get it done? Well then, contact Battmobile, and let us handle it! We have an extensive array of GMC car wash services. Call or WhatsApp us at 800-78278, and book your car wash appointment, today! Furthermore, we provide GMC wash home service. It means you may call us from your home, and we will dispatch a technician to wash your vehicle on location, or tow your vehicle to our service center. We will return your vehicle to you when it has been washed, cleaned, and spruced up front to back, and top to bottom!

                  GMC Car Recovery Services

                  Has your GMC suffered a breakdown in the middle of the road in the UAE? Has your car stopped moving because it has run out of fuel, all of sudden? If you wish to steer clear of these scary situations, here’s an idea. Put Battmobile on your speed-dial – 800-78278. We have a team of skilled and experienced specialists that specialise in GMC car recovery and GMC towing in Dubai and around the UAE. We take pleasure in having a staff that seeks to assist stranded motorists, get them and their car to their intended destination as quickly as possible. Even if you’re not stranded, and require other kinds of car care and maintenance services for your GMC car, we invite you to visit our service center in Al Quoz, Dubai. You can bring your vehicle in for battery replacement, oil change, tyre replacement, jumpstart, AC repair, and much more.

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