We are a trusted automobile mechanical repairs and maintenance service provider in Al Quoz, having a team of skilled and well-equipped car mechanics.


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      Tyre Change Service

      • All Major Brands & Models In Stock
      • 4.9 Rating With 9,700+ Google Reviews
      • Installation At Your Location

        Car AC Service & Repair

        • 100% Genuine Parts Guarantee
        • Experienced & Qualified Electricians
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          Repair & Maintenance

          • Qualified Car Technicians For All Car Brands
          • 100% Genuine Parts & Repairs Warranty
          • Mechanical, Electrical & Preventive Care

            Suspension Repair Service

            • 100% Original OEM Parts
            • 15+ Years Experienced Mechanics
            • Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

              Brake Pads Change

              • 100% Genuine Product Guarantee
              • Seasoned & Experienced Mechanics
              • Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery

                Car Service Packages

                • 4 Minor & 1 Major Services
                • Premium Quality Parts
                • Free Vehicle Pickup & Delivery


                  Looking for a car mechanic in Dubai?

                  Do you lookup for a “car mechanic near me” only to find suggestions that are nowhere close to your location, after all?

                  Well then, call Battmobile at 800-78278 now!

                  We are Dubai’s leading automotive services provider. We have a growing crew of skilled and experienced car mechanics who can diagnose and repair all kinds of vehicle issues and problems.


                  • Hassle-free booking service available 24/7
                  • Top-grade automotive products and solutions available
                  • Cost-Effective and Affordable Prices
                  • Post-service Follow-up

                  HOW DO YOU KNOW?

                  Is your car telling you to change your battery?

                  Getting a weekly inspection for your car in UAE is important for maintaining a high performing vehicle. However, poor usage and bad practices often leads to several complications with the car’s battery which directly affects the vehicle’s health and performance.


                  Our car care services menu

                  • Computer Diagnostics
                  • AC repair and diagnostic services
                  • Brake Pads Replacement
                  • Air Filter Replacement
                  • Radiator Flushing Service
                  • Suspension System and Steering Diagnosis
                  • Transmission Fluid Change & Top Up
                  • Spark Plugs Replacement
                  • Alternator, Starters & Ignition Switch Repairs
                  • Repair of Anti-Lock system
                  • Shock and Strut Replacement
                  • Inspection of hoses and belts
                  • Tire rotation and balance

                  Having Car Problems? Our Car Mechanics Can Help You

                  The life, performance and appearance of any car depends on one factor: regular servicing and maintenance. Similar to how much you invest in the upkeep of your body and mind, you should also spend time and money in taking your vehicle to a reputed auto mechanic in Dubai (Battmobile!) regularly for preventive maintenance. To have a good-looking and fully-working car is what every car owner wants, right?

                  Auto Mechanic Services at Affordable Prices

                  We have a highly dedicated, skilled and experienced car mechanics who along with some latest equipment and technology, work relentlessly to repair and service your vehicle. We cater to all types of vehicle makes and models. We believe in providing highest quality of service at affordable prices.

                  Our Car Mechanics are Available for Assistance 24/7

                  Whether you suffer a car breakdown in broad daylight, or have a car emergency in the middle of the night, we will dispatch an auto mechanic to your location, and they will give you the best possible assistance in the shortest time possible.

                  Our Service Center Meets All Your Auto Mechanic Needs

                  If your searching for answers to the queries “mechanic garage near me” or “car mechanic shop near me”, let Battmobile UAE be your first choice.

                  We have established a full-fledged service center that is home to state-of-art automotive tools and solutions that our car mechanics use to cater all kinds of vehicle maintenance and servicing requirements of our customers.

                  Located in Al Quoz, Dubai, our service center is the hub where all the automotive action happens – right from auto electrical systems, engine repair, transmission repair and service, to computerized diagnostics, brake repair, and tyre replacement… we do everything!

                  We take pride and are passionate about the work we do. Once you give your vehicle for repair at our centre, you can be rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands, and will be delivered to you in best working condition.

                  We Have Mobile Car Mechanics in Dubai and other Emirates

                  Stuck in a car emergency inside a mall’s parking lot, or on the highway, and you need urgent car help?

                  Is your online search for “mobile car mechanic near me” returning unhelpful suggestions?

                  Lucky for you, Battmobile UAE has its own team of mobile car mechanics that are on standby, and waiting for the next opportunity to provide roadside assistance.

                  Here’s a snapshot of the process:

                  • Call us or connect with us on WhatsApp at 800-78278, give us a brief description of the vehicle issues you’re facing, and the location where you are at.
                  • We will dispatch one of our mobile car mechanics to your given location.
                  • Upon arrival, he will conduct a thorough vehicle diagnosis, and inform you of the findings.
                  • If the vehicle requires minor fixes, the mechanic will perform them on-site, otherwise, he will recommend that the vehicle be towed to our service center.
                  • Post-inspection and repair, our team will reach out to you with the servicing information, and deliver the vehicle back to you on your given location.
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