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Volvo Car Battery Replacement

Looking for a trusted professional Volvo battery replacement in Dubai? Battmobile has got you. We offer countrywide battery replacement service, and have all the best ready-to-install car batteries.Benefits of Battmobile‘s battery replacement service:
  • list Prices starting at AED 139!
  • list 30 minutes turnaround time
  • list Battery warranty up to 24 months
  • list Free Diagnostics
  • list 24/7 customer support
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Car Battery Replacement

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    Car Oil Change Service

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      Tyre Change Service

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        Car AC Service & Repair

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          Repair & Maintenance

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            Suspension Repair Service

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              Brake Pads Change

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                Car Service Packages

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                  How do you know?

                  It’s a bummer to discover that your Volvo is out of function due to repairs and maintenance. We can assist you. Call or text us at 800 78278.

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                  Volvo Service Center in Dubai

                  Volvo Battery Replacement Services

                  Nothing beats getting stuck on your driveway with a dead battery, so examining the battery and cables on a regular basis will help you determine whether or not your battery is in trouble. Battery replacement ensures that the engine continues to perform properly, allowing your car to run smoothly and without issue. If your Volvo battery is sick and has to be replaced, the first sign will be cranked-up noises that will bother your ears and car when you try to start it. If you find yourself in this predicament, now is the time to contact Battmobile and schedule a Volvo battery replacement appointment.To schedule a Volvo battery replacement onsite or offsite (at our service center), please call or text us at 800 78278. Our customer service representative will first gather your information (vehicle model, battery brand, and current location), and once you confirm your purchase, we will dispatch a technician to your designated location. When our mechanic arrives, he will complete the battery change service utilising the most up-to-date tools and equipment. You may plan Volvo battery replacement in Dubai or other Emirates at any time, including a day or two in advance.Battmobile specialises in battery replacement in the UAE market, with a proven track record of 10 years (and counting). Aside from the fact that we are absolutely in love with the installation and maintenance of vehicle batteries, you should sign up for our battery replacement services for the following reasons:

                  • We provide a wide range of Volvo battery manufacturers, including Amaron, Varta, Bosch, AC Delco, Exide, and others.
                  • Our Volvo battery price includes installation, and we also offer warranty and post-installation support (free of cost if your battery warranty is still valid).
                  • We provide batteries with a 12-month guarantee (extendable up to 18 months).

                  Volvo Oil Change Services

                  It is a well-known truth that many drivers continue to ignore. It is that one of the most important aspects of automobile maintenance is the regular replenishment of engine oil. Your Volvo car engine is an engineering feat; it is a lifeline with a team of hundreds of moving components that manage its function and the performance of your vehicle. If you are a UAE resident or tourist in need of Volvo oil change service, call Battmobile at 800 78278 for onsite or offsite oil change.  When you call us for an oil change request, our customer service agent will jot down your details (car model, mileage and current location), and we will dispatch our technician as soon as you confirm your order.Our technician will come to you within 30-45 minutes, and tow your car to our service centre for oil change, helped by the latest tools and equipment. Also, you’re welcome to book our Volvo oil change service in Dubai or other Emirates, on short notice or a day in advance. We are available 24/7, and you can also visit our Volvo service centre in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our oil change service is a collective of the minor and major services.

                  Volvo Minor Service

                  Your Volvo car may require a small or significant service depending on the overall mileage on the odometer. We provide Volvo minor service at your location as well as in our service facility, which includes a 100% authentic oil change, oil filter replacement, air filter cleaning, battery and tyre check, a waterless car wash, and other services.

                  Volvo Major Service

                  When your car has travelled 40,000 kilometres, it requires a major service. Our Volvo major service covers everything in the minor service plus spark plug replacement, engine and suspension inspection, electrical and fuel system inspection, wheel balance and tyre rotation, and an evaluation of other key elements of your vehicle.

                  Volvo Tyre Repair Services

                  When drivers tell us that the one thing they don't want to encounter while driving is the discovery of a poor tyre, flat tyre, or tyre puncture, we completely understand. Having said that, it is also true that, because tyres are the legs of a vehicle, they have a limit and must be changed on a regular basis. If your Volvo tyres have failed and you require immediate help (on-road or otherwise) in the UAE, please phone or WhatsApp us at 800 78278 Our customer care representative will take down information about your Volvo tyre size and location, give you with the best Volvo tyre price, and deploy a mobile technician straight away! He will replace the tires within 30 minutes, do a test-run, and be on his way!In addition to Volvo tyre replacement in Dubai (and throughout the UAE), we also provide battery replacement, vehicle wash, car towing, fuel delivery, engine repair, and other services. We have a full-service centre in Al Quoz Dubai where we do all types of automobile repairs and services. We have a constantly expanding range of new and original Volvo vehicle components. Call us right now to schedule an appointment, and we promise to provide outstanding service.

                  Volvo Car Repair Services

                  Looking for Volvo repair in Dubai? Trying to find a Volvo mechanic in the UAE to come to your house or workplace and fix your car? Fortunately for you, Battmobile offers comprehensive Volvo repairs at reasonable pricing and with exceptional customer care (including post-installation).We can help you obtain a good result for "Volvo repair near me" searches on the internet. For help, please contact us at 800 78278 or via WhatsApp (roadside or remote). We provide a wide range of automotive services, including electrical and mechanical repairs, as well as preventive maintenance such as oil changes, spark plug replacement, and car inspections, as well as ad hoc services such as tyre replacement, battery replacement, transmission problems, radiator leak repair, and more.Our car repair services booking process is as simple as it can get.  Call us with a Volvo repair request, our customer service agent will jot down your details (car model and current location), and will dispatch our technician as soon as you confirm your order. In case, the car repairs are minor, he will do it onsite. Else, the technician will tow your vehicle to our service center in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our skilled and experienced professionals will tend to your vehicle with utmost care, and deliver it back to you at the earliest.

                  Volvo Car Recovery Services

                  For roadside assistance in any form of car emergency or trouble anywhere in the UAE, call Battmobile at 800 78278. We offer automobile recovery and towing services for a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including Volvo vehicles. So, whether your vehicle is stranded due to a glitch, fuel loss, battery problem, or any other cause, you can contact us at any time. We provide full-service Volvo car recovery and towing services in Dubai and the other Emirates.We make certain that our Volvo car recovery and towing services are performed and monitored by highly competent and experienced individuals. When you call for assistance, tell us where you are and what you need, and we will send personnel and equipment straight to your location immediately. Furthermore, if your Volvo requires servicing, we will tow it to our service centre in Al Quoz, Dubai, where we provide a wide selection of vehicle care and servicing options such as battery replacement, oil change, tyre replacement, restart, AC repair, and much more.

                  Volvo Car Wash Services

                  It goes without saying that a clean and well-kept automobile is a sight to see. According to research, clean automobiles not only on the exterior but also on the inside help to relax the driver. In fact, it is one of the most effective pleasant distractions available. Do you want your Volvo to be a stress reliever? If so, book a vehicle wash with Battmobile right away! Call or text us at 800 78278In addition to onsite Volvo car wash service at our Al Quoz service centre, we also provide Volvo wash at your home. You may have it done anywhere you choose – your driveway, your office, the gym's parking lot. Our team of car washers will thoroughly clean your automobile – both inside and out – using high-quality car wash materials and processes.

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