Five Car Battery Maintenance Tips to Follow Easily

Owning jumper cables is not an option that all of us can prefer when it comes to starting cars that have weak or failing batteries. Whenever you own a truck or a big car, you can easily keep jumper cables with you to overcome battery issues. However, this is not the case with cosy cars that are meant for daily commute or luxury. And when such cars fail to start due to a weak battery, you may have to call for help from a friend or professional car battery replacement services.

But why wait for such last moment decisions that force you to call for help. Every car battery in Dubai comes with a shelf life, which can be extended if it is maintained properly. We know that the batteries are filled with chemicals with a limited shelf life, but you can still squeeze out extra life from them if you follow certain tips for battery maintenance.

Park in Garage

Wet batteries, the ones which have electrolytes loaded in them, are ought to lose charge and potential with time. This is because heat often causes the water to evaporate faster, and your battery life to fall. In order to avoid this, you should park your car in shades. Similarly, in winter, when the temperature outside is cold and caustic for the battery, ensure that you park your car in a garage that is warmer than the surroundings. A word of advice: avoid heated garages as they damage the car paint and can cause rusting.

Keep Your Battery Clean

With time, the electrodes of the car battery are going to gather grease, dirt, and oxidation sediments. This will weaken the connection between the clamps and the nodes, causing the battery to fluctuate. Care should be taken to clean the electrodes periodically. This will not only keep the battery healthy but will also keep the electrical system of the car working well.

Insulate Your Car Battery

Battery electrodes get oxidized with time, and it is no one’s fault. Oxidized electrodes not only cause problems to the battery but also the electrical system of the car. Constant flickering of lights, drop in the car’s performance, and weak starts are some of the signs of weak electrodes. When it comes to protecting the electrodes, choose cheap battery insulation. This will protect them from problems.

Always use distilled water

Whether it is a lead battery that runs on electrolytes or a maintenance-free battery, it will still need water to function properly. To increase the life of your battery, it is advised to use distilled water only. Avoid using ordinary water as it will spoil the battery for sure. Keep a small bottle of distilled water for long journeys, so that you can top the water whenever the need be.

Secure the Battery in Housing

Shocks and vibrations can cause the electrodes inside the battery to degenerate. Also, wet batteries may experience acid spilling due to shocks. To avoid this, it is recommended to house your battery properly. A properly housed battery in a clean tray runs long.

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