Tips on battery change

In addition to mechanical damages, car batteries also have limited life cycles and require changing from time to time. How long a car battery last largely depends on the type of battery, the care taken and the conditions a battery is subjected to. For example, batteries used in cold regions or hot climatic regions where AC are intensively used, such as car batteries in UAE, will last a slightly shorter period than similar batteries on similar vehicles in temperate regions. Good car battery brands are also likely to service a vehicle longer than generic third party batteries without manufacturer traceability or accountability after the sale. At Battmobile we link you with the best car battery brands that give you quality products and the best after sale services such as a longer warranty.

So what should you do when changing the car battery? Our Battmobile experts shed some light on the dos and don’ts when changing a car battery in UAE.

Tips on changing car batteries

1.Consult a battery expert – before you set out to buy a new car battery it is advisable to first consult a battery expert to ascertain your battery really needs a replacement. Many issues, not only a dead battery cause vehicles not to start; you probably may be having a disconnection or a loose connection, a wiring issue or a low battery requiring changing and not necessarily a battery replacement. At Battmobile we give you an all-inclusive battery test giving you the right diagnosis of your vehicle power problem. If you really need a battery replacement we will guide you and ensure you get the right battery from a good car battery brands that will serve you long.

2.Know the right battery for your vehicle – this is usually the gravest mistake most car owners do when replacing their car batteries. Car battery owners who are not aware of the different types of car battery Dubai and their car power needs usually get duped in buying any car batteries by rogue battery sellers in UAE out to make a gain out of the buyer’s ignorance. They end up buying car batteries that cannot sustain their car power needs and as a result, these batteries life cycle is even shortened. When you consult our Battmobile car battery experts they will not only attend to your car battery needs but also advice you on the right car battery for your vehicle.

3.Source the right battery – after you are sure of the right car battery you can proceed to source the battery. You can either physically visit a car battery outlet or order online. Ensure you source your battery from genuine certified car battery distributors to avoid being duped. At Battmobile we go beyond linking you with the top brands to also ensure you get the best car battery after sale services such as a longer warranty. We deliver the batteries to you preferred location and even install the battery for you.

3.Pre-installation care –not all batteries can be unboxed and installed directly after sourcing. Read the manufacturer manual that comes with the battery and the safety and handling information on their website carefully. If you are not sure of anything consult an expert, and if possible have the expert install the battery for you. Some batteries may require filling with electrolyte or charging, while others are good to go straight from the unboxing. If you decide to install the battery yourself follow the installation guide or instructions to the letter and first ensure the car and its electronics are switched off, the battery is well secured on the car battery holder and spray the battery terminal with an anti-corrosion solution. Connect the right terminal first; the positive first before the negative to avoid any explosive short circuiting that occurs when you connect the negative first and accidentally when connecting the positive, the spanner comes in touch with the car body. Tighten and counter check all the terminal connections carefully and the battery before starting the car.

4.Take care of your battery- Installation of the battery is not the end of the road, you have to take care of the battery for you to enjoy the full life cycle of the battery. You will need to check regularly if the battery is well held in place, if the terminals are tightly connected, if the terminals are corroding away, if the battery has any leakage, etc. Equip yourself with information on car battery management and how to extend your car battery life it will save you a big deal in the long run. Invite a car battery expert to check the car battery whenever you notice any unusual behaviour on the performance of your car components such as lighting, gauges, radio, electric controls etc.


Changing a car battery may be a non-issue to you if you are an expert in car batteries but for majority of the people without the knowhow it is a risky business. They risk being conned into buy a car battery when they don’t really need a new one such as when they have an issue with the connection not necessarily a dead battery. Even when in need of a new battery, they also risk being duped into buying the wrong battery replacement. The wrong batteries usually do not sustain the vehicle power needs and do not last long. At Battmobile we not only equip you with the right information about your vehicle power needs and the right battery to buy as a replacement but also link you the buyer with the best car battery brands in Dubai. Contact us today for more information or book our services on our website

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