Top 5 Car Batteries

UAE roads are eventful; there’s never a dull moment because cars are zooming across roadways and highways at every hour. Research suggests that more than 3.5 million cars are moving about on UAE roads, every year. Often, many car drivers don’t pay attention to which type of battery is installed in their car. And when suddenly our car stops in the middle of a highway, we blame the battery and its manufacturer. With so much car activity going on, car care and maintenance are a must. One way to ensure your car is in good order is to ensure that you have a branded car battery running inside.

Car batteries are the lifelines of automobiles. The usage of batteries is increasing day by day, and so are the sales. As 2021 nears its curtain call, we decided to let you in on some precious data – the top five car batteries this year. Read on…

It is typical for car batteries to get drained out very quickly. The top reason for battery drainage is the use of infotainment such as music players, blue tooth devices, and charging points. With newer automotive technological complements entering the scene often, more and more latest entertainment features are being added in vehicles, and this directly affects the battery life of the vehicle. Due to such heavy load on batteries, it needs to be replaced or repaired frequently. After a while, car battery replacement becomes inevitable. Let’s tell you which car battery ruled the automotive market in the UAE, and why.


Kays car batteries lead this particular category by a mile, and for good reason. In addition to being manufactured with durable components, Kays batteries are a crowd favorite in this part of the world because they are versatile in terms of low maintenance, weather-friendliness, and they have a long shelf life. More than 50 percent of Battmobile clientele has a Kays battery installed in one of the vehicles – by us, of course!


Amaron car batteries are a top-seller in the UAE because the brand provides cost-effective batteries and high-performance. Amaron’s battery portfolio has comfortably outperformed the others because of its durability. Our loyal customers that swear by this brand will tell you that the battery works flawlessly for 3 to 4 years. What’s more, it demands almost zero maintenance and is easy to replace. Furthermore, the Amaron battery’s EVP is its compatibility with hot summers. The battery does not get heated very easily. and hence results in less drainage of the battery.


AC Delco ranks second on our list. It is a brand that provides top-notch car batteries that operate based on quality over quantity. We carried out a market survey with our customers, and a good majority of them cited that they trust AC Delco as a brand because its products require very little oversight and maintenance (the batteries are leakage-proof!) Even though AC Delco’s batteries are heavyweight, the fact they provide high power output makes the brand one of the bestsellers in the UAE. What’s more, AC Delco batteries are summer-friendly. The UAE’s harsh weather conditions do not deter the batteries’ quality and performance.


Our clients prefer to install Varta car batteries in their vehicles because the brand promises and delivers three core characteristics – durability, quality, and longevity. Like AC Delco, even Varta batteries weigh heavily. The other advantage of using this brand’s batteries is their consistent performance all year round. Furthermore, Varta batteries are useful to support multiple electronic gadgets at once. One can connect several mobile charging ports, music systems, etc., and Varta batteries’ performance will not be affected.


Bosch batteries are designed for rapid starts and high durability and are fueled by silver alloy innovation for superior performance. Bosch batteries are renowned for infusing life into car engines like none other! Because of traits including the best-in-class labyrinth vent design, high degree of safety owing to backfire protection, Bosch batteries will not cost you, dear, as far as maintenance is concerned. These batteries are also cost-effective and are durable for a long time. Bosch batteries are trending in UAE markets because they deliver on the combination of durability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

All said and done, when it comes to purchasing a car battery for your vehicle, we recommend you keep two things in mind:

  • Purchase the best quality car battery, and ensure that it is brand new.
  • Make sure that your next battery purchase is from Battmobile UAE.

If your vehicle is facing any untoward concerns or problems while you are driving on UAE roads, feel free to reach out to Battmobile UAE via phone, email, or WhatsApp.

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