What Can Go Wrong If the Wrong Fluids Are Put into the Car?

In matters of car servicing and maintenance in Dubai, it’s especially important to pay attention to the fluids you use. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for car owners to mistakenly mix up or utilize the wrong fluids, leading to a range of issues that can be both bothersome and potentially hazardous.Let’s delve into what could happen if you were to accidentally use the incorrect fluids in your vehicle.

  • 1. Using the Wrong Motor Oil: Motor oil with a viscosity rating of 10W-30, for instance, is preferable to any other motor oil. Never deviate from what is recommended in the user guide. If you use the incorrect oil during engine oil change, you risk poor lubrication and a shortened engine’s lifespan. Use synthetic oil if instructed to do so by the owner’s handbook. Contrary to what people assume, adding synthetic oil to ordinary oil won’t damage the engine, but there’s also no advantage in doing so.
  • 2. Battery Fluid: It may be necessary to add a little amount of water to certain car batteries in order to keep the lead plates submerged in the cells that can be accessed. Distilled water only, since tap water still includes trace amounts of minerals and salts. Minerals in tap water may accumulate on a battery’s internal lead plates and lower its power and lifespan if the electrolyte liquid is replenished with tap water.
  • 3. Replacing Petrol with Diesel: This will make the engine stutter and knock, if it runs at all. Fortunately, diesel pumps have big nozzles, so that error is hard to make. Adding petrol to the fuel tank of a diesel vehicle may not cause any problems or may cause serious damage to the fuel pump, injectors, and other components. A mechanic in Dubai can mitigate the effects of the fuel switch if the mistake is discovered in time.
  • 4. Interchanging Brake Fluid with Steering Fluid: Specially designed hydraulic fluid is used in brake systems. Despite their similarities, transmission fluid and power steering fluid are not interchangeable. Doing so may compromise seals, cause system damage, and even result in the brakes failing. Note that if the brake fluid is low, your car generally requires braking-system servicing anyhow. There’s a leak or the brakes are worn out.
  • 5. Gear Fluids: Transmission failure may result from improper fluid usage due to inadequate lubrication, excessive heat, or both. Even if the transmission is flushed, a technician may not be able to undo the damage. Transmission failure may also be caused by the accidental addition of brake fluid or engine oil.

Inserting the wrong type of fluids in any component of your car will never work in your favor. Even if it is a simple oil change service, don’t take it lightly, and go to your trusted car service provider in Dubai, and ensuring all the servicing gets done professionally and timely.

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