7 Best Tyre Maintenance Tips

Tires are recyclable. They are made of rubber, and it is one of the most valued natural resources. Unfortunately though, tires do not get honoured the way they should be.
It is a well known fact that tires are notoriously the most overlooked component when it comes to car care and maintenance matters. This trend is alarmingly prominent because tires are costly, and it dissuades drivers, a result. This dismissive attitude towards tires needs to end immediately. Car tyre change and repair are critical parts of car maintenance. Tires need to be taken care of because they are the ones that are in direct contact with the road, and if the pressure in the tire, for example, is considerably reduced or improper, it can be a hazard to life if the car is traveling at high speeds. Our aim with this blog is to give you useful tips and tricks that will assist you in tire maintenance.

Do not Drive Erratically

First and foremost, a driver’s driving habits determine the nature and frequency of tires’ wear and tear. Even if you have Michelin tires one of the world’s tire leaders it is best to avoid practices such as high speed driving, sudden acceleration and braking, burnouts, and power slides (especially if you have regular tires).

Inspect your Tires’ Pressure Regularly

The most typical problem is over or under inflation, which can occur when you run your car more or if the air filled is higher than the required capacity.

Check the Tyre Tread Wear Indicator

This particular aspect has to do with your driving habits. If your car spends most of its time on the road, it is good practice to keep an eye on the tyre tread wear indicator. Regardless of how meticulous you may be about car care and maintenance especially tyres they are going to wear out, eventually. The absence of the correct tread depth leads to many changes in tire function (tyre grip and brake application declines). If you notice tread depth is less than 1.6 mm, it means that you need to get your tires replaced at the earliest.

Watch Out for Punctures or Bulges

Tires with bulges and punctures are never good news for your vehicle and your safety. Having said so, it is important to mention that in case your tires have suffered a minor puncture, a visit to a car workshop or garage (Battmobile has its own service center!) can resolve the issue. In case of a large puncture though, tire replacement is advised. Bulges, on the other hand, might arise as a result of tyre collision/impact and can be taken care of in a garage.

Get your Tyres Rotated

Tyre rotation is one of the must-do practices for all car drives. It is essential for preventing excessive tyre wear. Periodic tyre rotation will save you money by prolonging the life of your tyres and will provide you with a smoother and safer ride. Also, be aware, that frontal tires on front wheel drive cars are susceptible to higher wear and tear than rear tires. Sign up for a professional tire rotation service (Battmobile), every three to six months.

Get your Wheels Aligned and Balanced

Aligning the wheel is mainly concerned with the suspension, which impacts the car’s tires. After riding on unsteady road surfaces, asphalt, and potholes, the posture of a car becomes wobbly over time. Aligning the wheel realigns the components, enabling the tires to move adjacent to one another while remaining parallel to the road/ground surface. On the other hand, tire balancing focuses on ensuring that your tires’ weight is equally distributed. In case, the weights are uneven, injecting small amounts of air into tires can resolve the problem.

Contact Battmobile for Tyre Care and Maintenance Services

Saving the best for the last, we encourage you to contact us for all your tire related needs and services. We provide professional, affordable, and customer friendly tyre replacement services onsite and remote. We have a wide range of original and warrantied tires Maxxis and Mastercraft are among our top selling brands available in different sizes across various affordable price points. Connect with us via phone or WhatsApp on 562-528682, and we will be at your service!

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