All-Season Tyres Vs Summer Tyres: Which One Is Best For UAE Drivers

At first glance, every tyre looks the same  simple in its appearance. So whether you run on Goodyear tyres, or Firestone is your favorite, you should know that tyre construction involves significant teamwork between various raw materials. A tyre, despite its simplicity, is a complicated blend of several elements, including elastomers such as organic and synthesized rubber, metallic additions such as wires and bead wires, and textile reinforcements such as polyester and nylon.
Tyres are more than just a ring shaped component that is filled with air and support your vehicle’s ability to move on roads smoothly. Because tyres experience significant wear and tear due to their close contact with all kinds of road surfaces, and in different weather conditions, the choice of the right tyres can make a world of a difference to your car’s performance and your safety.
Let’s talk about tyre choices in the UAE for example. Because the temperature in the UAE soars throughout the summer, it is recommended that every car owner get their tyres tested on a regular basis. As everyday temperatures continue to climb beyond 45 degrees Celsius, the road surfaces become extremely hot, causing the tyres to adjust to extreme conditions, and do their job nonetheless. The importance of good quality and long-lasting tyres in the UAE grows during the summer, and that’s when you start to wonder: what type of tyres should I buy all season tyres or Summer tyres? With this blog, we aim to give you some insights and points on this matter so that you can decide what’s right and better for your car.

All-Season Tyres

This tyre category, as the name makes it obvious, consists of tyres that are compatible with all kinds of weather conditions. In other words, if you’re looking for tyres that can perform, and sustain themselves – come sun or hail all season tyres are the ideal investment. All season tyres are a crowd favourite because they possess characteristics such as excellent grip, navigation, and handling and are built to adjust to all kinds of road surfaces uneven, sturdy, etc. Because of the high demand, all leading tyre brands have their signature line of all season tyres Hankook, and Goodyear is two examples.
Specific to the UAE, you will find that majority of the cars are decked with all-season tyres because of their versatility, longevity, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Above all, if your driving habits are sensible, you can trust that you will not have to get them replaced often, as opposed to the other tyre varieties.

Summer Tyres

As the name implies, these tyres are best suited for driving in hot weather. The tyre’s highly adjusted tread pattern provides great traction, notably on parched roadways. Furthermore, navigation and braking are substantially boosted. Also, if you’re thinking that this tyre is summer exclusive, well then, the good news is that they work just as well in wet conditions. Because of the large circumferential grooves, it aids in directing water away, lowering the risk of aquaplaning. Considering that summers are the predominant season of the year, summer tyres are, unarguably, the best bet for your car. Considering that UAE summers are predominant, manufacturers such as Firestone, Marshal, and many others, have a special lineup of summer tyres available.

The Contest Which Tyre Type is Better?

The debate between all-season and summer tyres, respectively, ultimately drives down to the three factors: quality, performance, and driving habits. At Battmobile, our consumer survey has revealed that our clients love and prefer both tyre types. “My ultimate goal as a driver is to buy tyres that keep me and my vehicle safe, and my experience with all-season tyres or Summer tyres has been good.” Suffice to say, tyre choices are a combination of factual and experiential.

All-Season Tyres and Summer Tyres at Battmobile.

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